Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekend Vintage Christmas Finds

The search for vintage Christmas stuff continued through the weekend.  I got craft goodies, but I wanted to post some of the exciting finds!  I should add that this morning I woke up with a terrible kink or pull in my neck.  It was so painful it was hard to get out of bed.  I popped a couple ibuprofen to try and take the edge off the pain.  Was this going to keep my from thrifting today?  Heck no!

Love everything in this photo.  Haven't identified all the figures yet, just hadn't had the time! There is however, a Howard Holt Santa candle hugger, a dancing Santa and vinyl Mr. & Mrs. Santa marked Japan.  Found the icicle ornaments before they made it out of the bin--talk about timing!  You know you are burned out when you overlook a beautiful box of Shiny Brites!!!  This was like a dream come true!  A gorgeous set of satin pastels, in a box in excellent shape and the thrift store didn't ruin it by taping the box!  My hubby put the box in front of my face and said "you didn't want these?".  I said "I didn't see them!!!"  I was much more careful at the next 3 places. At one thrift I was looking all over the place as they spread the Christmas stuff all around the store.  I was elated to find a bottle of old glass mini balls (and 2 bells), they were on a lower shelf of a curio that was dark inside and there were some things on the floor in front of the doors.  Not your typical display--not viewer friendly, they were hard to see.  Based on their discount color, I think they been there a couple weeks!

Now--on to babying my sore neck!


  1. I love to see all that Christmas red!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! I love every single thing in that photo!! I will admit to be very envious of your luck at your thrifts-but glad it all goes to a good home :)

  3. I thought of you this weekend as I found some amazing things. A giant Santa light up blow mold (almost as tall as my daughter), two small ones, a large dancing Santa that someone made into a light with a bulb behind his face so he looks really jolly (not sure how I feel about that, it's pretty ingenious though), a string of lights with nine made in Japan santa heads that have real "hair" for beards that can be removed and put on another string or lights on the tree, two knee huggers (one gold, one red) that are 7" tall, a Santa and Mrs. Claus set of felted ornaments like you have pictured, a felted Sanata ornament on a ladder holding presents, a made in Japan candle holder with Santa hugging on to the holder part, a made in Japan salt and pepper Santa set…

    Plus an amazing made in Japan planter with an angel (?) holding a poinsettia, four pixies, one of which is a bell.

    And, most interestingly, a huge gallon bag of little made in Korea felted Santa huggers, where the arms come out and sort of stay together (force? who knows) so you can put them on things, and their heads turn completely around so they can be positioned to face based on where you clam them on. They are like exorcist Santas. About 3/4 are still in original packaging.

    Don't even get me started on all the Shiny Brites, some of which are in original boxes, both the regular boxes and the five ornament set that is like a long skinny box.

    Whew. I should take pics to share. I just wanted to let you know you really inspired me and now I am not passing up the random items at the thrift stores or estate sales. You have educated me on what to look for!


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