Thursday, March 17, 2016

I've Been....Working!

I realize it's been a while since I've posted to my blog.  After a year and a half of enjoying exchanging for vintage glass shards from other collectors and making numerous jewelry items in return, I amassed  an inventory of shards in a wide range of patterns. I've been making exchange pieces, custom pieces and just pieces I want to make. It's been hectic, fun and rewarding.  I'll post some of my favorites.

Pyrex Brides 474 promotional casserole pendant.  Customer request.

Sears Maid of Honor mixing bowls. I received shards through an exchange.  The sender loved the picture of the pendant and requested matching earrings.

Request for solid pink Pyrex earrings. These are from a mixing bowl

I was in the mood to make a cheerful pair of earrings from the Pyrex New Dots 401 bowl.

I laid in bed unable to sleep one morning and designed these, a few hours later I was on the bench starting them.  Pyrex Spring Blossom 475 casserole in the second design version.

A Pyrex 575 space saver in the turquoise Snowflake pattern in earrings. It's one of my customers favorites and I can see why.

Some of the Pyrex Early American pieces have a kitty in the pattern.  Here are a few from several different dishes.

Pendants in the Spring Blossom and Trailing Flowers bowl and casserole.

 These earrings from the Pyrex 043 Golden Bouquet casserole dish were made by request to match a pendant purchased from my Etsy shop.

Another requested pair of Golden Bouquet earrings.

The shards get smaller...another set of Golden Bouquet.

I've made numerous pairs of earrings from Pyrex Pink Gooseberry dishes.  It's been the most popular to date.  These are small, smaller than a dime.

A variety of glass patterns from Pyrex, Australian Pyrex and Hazel Atlas (red maple).

 Pyrex Orange Daisy and White Snowflake...

I offer larger pendant ornaments as well as jewelry pendants when I do glass exchanges.  Not every collector wears pendants.  It's a lot of fun for me to see what comes in the end.  Pyrex 473 Pink Gooseberry.

 Pyrex Woodland casserole .

I managed to make something in anticipation of a holiday, which is today. This is from the 444 size Pyrex JAJ Shamrock chip and dip bowl.

I had the shards for a year, It was fun to have them in the hands of others well before St. Patrick's Day.

Naturally all those other things in my life and home and my corgi who makes sure he's the priority!!!