Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Light Box

I haven't posted for a while, but that just means I've been really busy.  I won't even go through the list of things I accomplished, but constructing a light box was something that has been long needed.  I had one I made years ago, but the old digital camera back then expired.  haha! I love to take pictures,and when it's my glass, I'm even more picky about them. 

I need to get some things in my shop, but needed to address a new light box because I chase the light around during the day trying to take my pictures. I put one together last night, finished it today and am testing my lamps.  I like FK tulips to use as a color standard. This test picture is with minimal post shoot manipulation. The result is from a combination of fluorescent, LED and incandescent lamps that I had laying around. I'm proud I constructed this with materials I had around the house and didn't buy anything. I love to make things without spending money!