Saturday, October 29, 2016

Life's Interruptions - Getting Back into the Swing of Things

So, I've been catching up on some glass work that I had to put off due to illness last month.  I HAVE
to learn how to slow down because I think it was a matter of time before things caught up with me.  And even though I try and stay healthy and eat well, I have to step it up a notch in order to ensure I feel the best I can.  I've thrifted a little and still trying to keep my buying in check.  Had fun working on some exchange pieces for people that sent me glass and even managed to finish a pair of earrings I'm putting up for sale--they've been sitting since August.

Shard from Hazel Atlas Kitchen Utensils  2.5" glass

Made from a shard of Pyrex Golden Grapes 4.5" glass

Pyrex Butterprint 475 shard 3" glass with vintage ribbon and beads.

Necklace pendant from shard of Fire King Peach Lustre wired in sterling silver.

Pyrex Pink Gooseberry Earrings wire in sterling silver with amazonite and freshwater pearls.

I'm limiting my use of vintage opal dishes in the kitchen and opting for melamine mixing bowls since they are lighter and easier on my hands.  I've been picking up clear vintage bake ware and recently I found a set of 4 Maid of Honor custard cups.  A turquoise Maynard hand mixer and towels also very handy and will be used.  Happy little finds.

Shepard's pie nightshade free with sweet potato mash.

Love the round Pyrex casseroles.  I'm replacing my opals with clear.  I'm cooking more than ever, my diet requires everything from scratch and well, I have to be able to toss stuff in the dishwasher.  Clear vintage Pyrex came in shapes and  sizes that there are no opal equivalents for, so that's neat--additional variety.

Happy to be back at things, when I couldn't physically do much I did a lot of reading.  So I still managed to not be idle!