Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sing and Dance! Beautiful Hand Painted Japanese Tiles

The score of the day!  This find made my day!  Still pinching myself.  This is a vintage set of 4 hand painted porcelain tiles.  Each framed panel consists of 3 separate tiles.  Overall measurement of each is approximately 3.75" by 18.75".  I've been searching high and low for art for the walls and it has been slow.  Finally, finally a fantastic find.  Price? $3.99 each. 

I've found some really nice oil paintings also--I'll need to post some of them soon.

Beautiful Reglor Chalkware Lamp

Can you believe we passed this up the first time we saw it?  Well, we weren't sure what it was--how old or who the maker was, but it was stunning.  We since found out it is a Reglor (of California) lamp, one of those wonderful mid century American manufacturers no longer in existence.  Anyway... it went from the front of the store, to the back of the store in a period of a 2-3 weeks.  I guess we are meant to have it since no one else picked it up.  Price?  $25!  The lamp with shade is 37", made of  chalkware and HEAVY!!  I have yet to weigh it, but I'm going to guess it's no less than 20 lbs.  I bought the shade separately for $1.99.  This particular lamp is named 'contemplation' which is carved in the base along with the manufacturer's name.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor day weekend can't be without a little work!

I had big plans for today--I was going to sand the Egyptian revival desk I bought a couple months ago.  I won't have 3 days off in a row for the rest of the dry season.  But I laid in bed this morning struggling with the thought--there are so many other things I need to do  I decided not to stress out about it and ended up working 7 hours straight on all kinds of other stuff, to include--cleaning up that Egyptian ottoman that's been sitting around...even longer than the desk!  This piece is likely from the 60s, I've seen some similar, but this one is way cooler in that it has hieroglyphs embossed in the leather cushion and there are three different styles of medallions in a very classical ancient Egyptian motif.  The other ottomans I've seen have camel medallions and a large pyramid on the cushion.

Initially I thought it was missing an end cap, but I found that they were stacked together.  Very, very grimy, I dare not speculate what was all over it.  

I had to bang out one of the end caps and here I already shined them up. 


Here it is all cleaned up.   I fluffed up the stuffing and put a new (old) shoelace in.   I will order a special leather product for leather cleaning and restoration--just to perk up the tone and sheen hopefully.

 The ottoman in it's new home under the vanity of the Egyptian themed bathroom.