Friday, May 31, 2013

Busy Bees and more!

It was a fun day thrifting and going out to lunch.  The weather is beautiful!  I was good and spent about $6 on the following.  It was stuff I just refused to pass up!

I have a weakness for textiles and these two vintage bee towels are painfully cute!  And we know my Pyrex weakness.  Hubby came to find me with this snowflake refrigerator dish (including lid) at 99 cents, well that's enough to make any Pyrex addicts day!  Salem North Star saucer at 49 cents. I have some of the hottest 50s pottery patterns and one Hopscotch sugar bowl bottom.  I don't NEED any thing else, but I just had to have this one North Star piece!

While I'm here, I'll add a barkcloth curtain I bought on line.  I deconstructed it and am considering resewing it into a valance.  This fantasic pattern is labeled as "Cynda".

Friday, May 10, 2013

Today's Finds - Fantastic Fish and Pot!

Just got home and wanted to get this posted before I got distracted by something else.  Hit the thrift stores today and didn't find much (not that I NEED anything).  Hubby scored with a set of vintage ceramic fish, one of those things we desperately want but not willing to buy on line.  The mama fish has been broken and glued in a couple places, but who cares, especially at the price of $1.50! 

My other find is a pot.  Yep, a pot.  I am sooo bored with my cookware.  I've had it about 14 years now, plain old stainless.  Not that it's not nice and still good enough, but I've been drawn to the colorful stuff at the thrift stores.  Mom had German enameled steel from the 1970s on and I have a soft spot for it.  So today I found the piece that will get the snowball rolling.  Love the style and nice ergonomic handle, works great for my little hand!  And it's in fantastic shape--$3.75 was certainly reasonable.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vintage Painted Tile - Lotus Plant

Just cleaned up my latest find and broke the camera out, just made it as the battery light was flashing.  This piece is larger than the set of four scenes I posted a while back measuring roughly 7.5" x 25.5".  I was just thrilled--it cost me next to nothing.  Retains the import sticker indicating Japan CDCG.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Planning for the New House

Gosh, it's been forever since I posted anything.  It's been one thing after another.  I have still been thrifting usually once a week, but I have cooled down especially since we have decided to move to a smaller home (and we have more stuff than we need already!)  The house we will be moving to, hopefully by end of summer, is a cute 1965 ranch that has most of its original charm.  We know this house pretty well as it belongs to dear friends of ours who will be moving out of town.  So I am in the midst of planning the renovation and decorating of the new place, as well as downsizing our current household. I decided that with this new house I would start with the windows, in my current home I kinda left them for last, and in some cases never truly finished some to my satisfaction. 

I purchased 4 yards of never used incredible vintage bark cloth on an ebay 'buy it now', it had been listed for about 20 minutes! I couldn't believe my luck!  It has me written all over it!  I'm not much of a seamstress, just a compulsive creative type--and I constructed a patio door valance and two window panels.  Dead set on a very modern clean look, I came up with a way to hide the continental rod making the valance look more like a cornice board.  There was enough fabric leftover that I also made a pillow cover and 2 coasters.  Still an odd piece left...I'll just hang onto it for now.  Got a couple other awesome atomic vintage bark cloth curtains for the kitchen window too!
I've named this pattern "Atomic Asian" is a close up of one part of the pattern.

Here are the valance and window panels I constructed for the den.  So glad to get that behind me.  Next step will be to settle on a paint color for the room itself.