Friday, May 31, 2013

Busy Bees and more!

It was a fun day thrifting and going out to lunch.  The weather is beautiful!  I was good and spent about $6 on the following.  It was stuff I just refused to pass up!

I have a weakness for textiles and these two vintage bee towels are painfully cute!  And we know my Pyrex weakness.  Hubby came to find me with this snowflake refrigerator dish (including lid) at 99 cents, well that's enough to make any Pyrex addicts day!  Salem North Star saucer at 49 cents. I have some of the hottest 50s pottery patterns and one Hopscotch sugar bowl bottom.  I don't NEED any thing else, but I just had to have this one North Star piece!

While I'm here, I'll add a barkcloth curtain I bought on line.  I deconstructed it and am considering resewing it into a valance.  This fantasic pattern is labeled as "Cynda".


  1. Love the bee textiles! That is a great find, I am jealous!

  2. Not that I needed them--but I just had to have them. Just too cute!! I've bought numerous hand embroidered pillowcases as well! I like the old soft cotton.


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