Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hocking Refrigerator Dishes

I was contacted by a fellow collector and trader that showed me a piece of the ribbed glass I collect and we traded.  A couple days later I found another piece at the thrift store.   I didn't have all my pieces currently displayed, so today I brought them into the kitchen.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Little Time For New Finds (but lots going on)

I have a long laundry list of things I'm trying to get done, so I haven't been hunting for goodies much. But I enjoy all the wonderful vintage things I already have.  Here are some pictures.

My collection of 8" Cathrineholm bowls.  I received the blue one in a trade recently.

I enjoy rearranging my bowls every so often.

I finally got one last plate to complete my Cathrineholm display on the family room wall.  Needs a little tweaking.

I decided to give my laundry room a little face lift.  I replaced the Flor tiles with matching red ones like I have in the kitchen.  I also purchased red contact paper from a thrift and just the right patterned roll off Etsy to cover  pups food container and my soap nuts tin.

Plenty of cooking and baking has been going on...

New low starch bread recipes and home made broth fills the freezer.

Experimental low starch bread turned out to be a winner.

Chicken curry with shredded zucchini instead of rice actually got a thumbs up from hubby.

And lemon poppy seed muffin recipe I adapted from the tahini bread recipe I've been making turned out yummy.

The chocolate banana flavored ones for hubby were equally as tasty.

Soups seem to be on our menu a lot.

And lettuce is flourishing in our garden providing us with an endless supply.

I planted a succulent into the adorable Milky the Cow planter.

Found a rustic looking planter to put on my vintage stand,  and I divided my huge snake plant. Found the California pottery bull bank at a thrift.

I finished my orange Pyrex Butterprint nesting bowl set. It's the only full Pyrex bowl set I decided to keep.  I've donated a lot of Pyrex back to charity and did a give away to a dozen people in my Pyrex trading group.

Enjoyed flowers I got for mother's day...

While I was cleaning out some kitsch I couldn't help but snap a picture of these darling shakers along with colorful Pyrex.

And I also got a few trades in.

I've also planted the new Japanese style garden we had constructed in our front yard.  I'm getting close to finished installing the drip system.  It's a busy time, but then again, I have trouble remaining idle.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Colorful Kitschy Vintage Stuff I Love

Just some of my favorite bits and pieces of  kitschy things I've found at the thrift store.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Pyrex Luck - The Unexpected JAJ Pink Snowflake Space Saver

No secret that I love Pyrex space savers.  I was so fortunate to be offered a Pink JAJ Gaiety as it known  in Britain, for a vintage item I had that I had no attachment to.  I'm still a bit shocked that I actually own this piece. Prices are such on these anymore that I would have never entertained the idea of  even purchasing one.