Friday, May 13, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gettin' Things Done!

I'm late doing my spring cleaning, but this week I'm on it. Time to also part with some things as I don't do well with too much stuff!  Though I'm not big on selling, it is a great way to get some fun money back and use it towards trading (postage) for some things I'm really yearning for.

I traded for a couple Glasbake loaf pan patterns I don't have for my loaf pan collection.  My trading partner wouldn't accept an additional item from me without throwing in these Cathrineholm shakers. I'm still quite speechless over her generosity.

Other vintage items outside of glass have brought me some unexpected treasures through trades. Federal Circus bowls, Cathrineholm 11" lotus bowl and Hazel Atlas repro jadeite shakers thrown in just for fun.

Shakers are something I never focused on, but I love some of the graphics on many.  I decided to pick Tipp City cherries to pursue and got the spice set through trading.

I have to find a good reason to pick up Pyrex these days. I did pick up a Butterfly Gold 472 casserole to go into my small casseroles have in the kitchen for daily use.

I sold my first Pyrex bracelet and completed a second one for myself.  The charms are quite small and the bracelet is 7 inches long. I added a 1/4" to see which size I like best. I used a smaller gauge wire as well as smaller pearls and this works nicely on my tiny wrist.

And there were many request for Mother's is a Daisy set I completed.

Pyrex always in happy it's the time of year I can plant and harvest greens from my garden.

I've managed to keep this post in draft for sometime haha!  On to publishing!