Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Pyrex Report!

Another day of Pyrex activity! Today I made the decision to part with a great deal of my excess Pyrex.  Trading has been a great way to acquire items for my collection, but one has to consider the cost of shipping--it really adds up!  Even when I ship to folks closer to me, it's still not cheap.  So while sipping my morning coffee, I decided I would put together a donation of Pyrex for our local animal rescue charity. I picked the heaviest things...444 bowls, 475 casseroles and those excess 403 bowls. There were a few miscellaneous other pieces I parted with.  The folks at the shop were very pleased with their new inventory and I beamed at the thought of it selling and creating funds for those needy little furry critters!

Now for the finds report!  Not a bad week once again.  I didn't go nearly as much as I have been in past months, but that didn't stop me from scooping up a handful of goodies!!!

The elusive 503 Autumn Harvest refrigerator dish finally made it into my life!!  A 442 orange Town and County bowl finishes off my set.  I have a pink Gooseberry mixing bowl set, but who can pass up a $4 444? A 471 orange Friendship casserole goes into my daily use cabinet and one of the best finds I could hope for, the chip and dip bracket!!!!  What timing too!  We just found the big bowl for our Balloons chip and dip set last week.

Here it is set up in all its glory!

Trades were coming in this week, I was hastily washing everything and putting it away.  Here is most of it.

I've been so fortunate to have so many nice trading buddies!  Amazing how the love of Pyrex brings us together!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Is there more to life than Pyrex?

It seems all I talk about lately is Pyrex.  It's true, I have been.  My collecting got away from me and now I'm trying  to get it under control.   But at the same time--I'm still collecting.   Trying to figure out ways of getting rid of things I'm not attached to and yet keeping things I really like.  I'm getting creative no doubt.  Sound crazy?  I'm sure it is, but it's a fun kind of crazy! 

One thing I was set on collecting was complete refrigerator sets.  After scaling back on some other things, I found those sets take up a lot of storage room.  I decided I would keep the refrigerator sets for the standard patterns I collect, intact.  The others I've decided to stack behind the tambour door in the kitchen cabinet. They are great for everyday use.

I also have some extra bowls for sets that I was working on trading, but I decided to keep some of the brightly colored ones for everyday use and put them there as well.  Doesn't all this sound great?  Well, now I want to replace some of the casseroles with brightly colored casseroles that I don't want to take from my sets.  Uh-oh...that sounds like more collecting!!!

I'm still ferociously trading and so squeezed for time I haven't replied to recent comments on my blog.  I hope you guys will understand and forgive me!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pyrex in Action!!!

I can't help myself.  All these beautiful colors and patterns of Pyrex just prompt me to want to snap a picture!

It was time to go out and harvest some lettuce from the garden.  I picked up this hardly scratched but completely dull Gooseberry bowl at the thrifts.  It was still much too pretty to pass up.  I decided to use this as one of my harvesting bowls.

Daisy is on my peninsula at the moment...

I'm so hopelessly in love with my Pyrex!!!  My husband just asked me "you actually take pictures of your Pyrex in use?"  I corrected him, "Pyrex in action!".  He's chuckling!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pyrex, Pyrex, Pyrex and More Pyrex!!!!

Good heavens!  I have been a busy girl lately!  I started trading Pyrex recently and boy has it been keeping me busy.  Our library looks like a disaster area with boxes and packing materials piled up all over the place.  But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!! I simply haven't had time to post my weekly finds on Pyrex Collective III and I don't have the energy to round up those finds.  I'll start with finds from the past couple days.

We now have the big Balloons bowl to go with our little guy.  I figured the set cost us $5.40.  Sweet!  The Friendship 443 bowl looks like it was never used, very pleased to find it.  It now houses my minty orange 442 bowl!  Space saver, even if it's only Golden Pine Cone, still good in my book and a Butterprint 403.  I had just traded one away that morning!  The Brides green and white casserole is from my neighbor who got it at a garage sale for $1.  Oh and the Fire King Vitrock salt shaker was 89 cents.  I don't collect that type of stuff, but I'll trade it.  The stoneware plates are hand decorated by Harkerware, I DID NOT need these!!!

My first Pyrex trade haul was awesome!!!!!  Everybody was great to work with and I am loving all my goodies.  Check it out!

I've been filling holes in my standard patterns and also getting some great pieces like space savers and a Daisy open baker!  I have enough stuff to part with that I am also getting fridgies of all different patterns for my fridgie collection.

Also completed my Snowflake Garland fridgie set and gained an 043 casserole!  It's so great to part with things you really don't want anymore for things you are dying for!

And then there was this!

I have a bunch of great stuff on the way from my trading buddies--can't wait!!!  And I still have a bunch more Pyrex to get rid of.  We'll see how much more I can trade away!

I'm linking up with Sir-Thrift-A-Lot at Thriftasaurus, I have to go over there and see what everybody else found this week.  You can too by clicking here!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Week's Goodies

Another week, another bit of thrifting and another handful of finds.  I also did a bit of Pyrex trading, lots of fun and lots of work!  I simply haven't had time to also post on the Pyrex blog with all my finds.  It's all I can do to get things washed up and put away.

I resisted a lot of kitsch this week.  Had to nix a number of things hubby brought to show me.  I'm staying strong!  But of course, something always seeps in anyway.

Check out the kangaroo with the wild rhinestone eyes!  And the little babies that look like fruit bats.  It's one of those 'it's so ugly it's cute' kinda things.  For old times sake, we couldn't leave this nicely made in Japan confirmation figurine.  And also in the picture is a Fire King lidded jar.

I've never seen one of these jars, never knew they existed.  I'll guess it's 5" in diameter.  It's in great shape.  I need to go look it up, see if there are other colors and sizes.

I picked up 3 of these iridescent drinking glasses.  I found one about a year and a half ago, now I have four.  They were cheap and a good size for everyday use.  Hoping to find more since I know they'll fall victim to getting broken.

One little Easter piece this week and I was thrilled to find it.  I need to get a pastel pillar candle for this sweet make in Hong Kong candle ring.  It has flying flocked ducks and flocked eggs--it was 40 cents!

Oh and hubby found me a cute little vintage bunny from Japan, she's in my new blog banner!

It wasn't a lot this week but certainly enough!  I still have to sort through and thin out some stuff that I never got around to this week.

I'm linking up with Sir-Thrift-A-Lot at thriftasaurus, he's having a party over there where you can check out everybody's vintage finds for the week! Check it out here!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Changing up my Pyrex Display on the Peninsula - Daisy

This is the first time I can display my Daisy pieces.  I finally have enough for a display.  Seems perfect for the sunny days we are having lately! The set was built with the help of some dear friends!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fruity Vintage Finds and a Handful of Characters!

Thought I'd post some of the little fun stuff we found recently.  Trying to hold back on the kitsch, but some things are just too cute.  I'm still working on thinning out some of my stuff!

But wait!
I have to interrupt this draft post to update and include my most recent find! Just got home an hour ago, wasn't feeling so hot today, but we went to a few thrifts.  Last one, I'm standing in the aisle looking at pots and hubby says "now, contain yourself". And oh my gosh--from behind his back he brings out a pair of mermaids!!!!  This is the first time we have ever run into any and save a small chip, they are perfect.  The fish have a pearlescent finish, they are marked Japan and appear to be either Norcrest or Lefton.  They came from one of our thrifts that prices things reasonably, so that made it even sweeter! I can't wait to get these hung up!  I'm so excited! 

Picked up this sweet Hazel Atlas apples bowl.  It is so tall and narrow!  I don't need any more mugs, but this flower footed Fire King mug is the first I've ever seen.  A slice of lime Wondermold trivet.

What luck!  I found the whole set of these made in Japan vintage ceramic towel holders.  They are flawless  and the price was nice!

 I couldn't pass up this Fire King Gay Fad loaf pan,--so pretty!

Here's one of the vintage Easter pieces hubby found, love it! It's about 4" tall.

These little devil salt/pepper shakers still have their Japan paper labels and their chenille stem tails.  Unfortunately their pitch forks are missing.  Guess making a couple of those will go on my to do list!

These vintage Enesco shakers are too funny, I picked them up for a friend.  I remember my mom's friend at the age of 45, getting pregnant.   They had 3 children already, the oldest was 20--they were "done".  Well, mom said she wasn't too happy when she got pregnant, imagine how she felt to find out she was going to have twins!

I'm linking up with Sir-Thrift-A-Lot at thriftasaurus.  I have to hop over there and see all the neat stuff people are posting this week! Click the link and you can see what's happenin' too!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pyrex in Action!

I made stuffed peppers a few weeks ago, I realized I had not had them in years and it sounded so good!  All those lovely colors of food and Pyrex--I grabbed my camera!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter Pixie Dioramas - Done!

I've been trying to make progress on my to do list.  I've been thriting too much and not getting to all those extras things I'd like to get done.  The past couple days I tended to the four diorama eggs that we found pixies for at the thrift.  I wrote a post here on the process of painting and decorating my first four eggs. I have four more painted eggs that need decorating and a dozen more that I haven't touched at all!  My goal is to get the other four painted ones done, the other dozen may just have to wait until next year.

The pixies pretty much took up the eggs' interiors, but they still seemed a little bare.  I searched around to find that little special something that would make them feel complete.  I found some sprays of vintage miniature paper flowers--I think they are perfect for my little gals!