Friday, April 25, 2014

Is there more to life than Pyrex?

It seems all I talk about lately is Pyrex.  It's true, I have been.  My collecting got away from me and now I'm trying  to get it under control.   But at the same time--I'm still collecting.   Trying to figure out ways of getting rid of things I'm not attached to and yet keeping things I really like.  I'm getting creative no doubt.  Sound crazy?  I'm sure it is, but it's a fun kind of crazy! 

One thing I was set on collecting was complete refrigerator sets.  After scaling back on some other things, I found those sets take up a lot of storage room.  I decided I would keep the refrigerator sets for the standard patterns I collect, intact.  The others I've decided to stack behind the tambour door in the kitchen cabinet. They are great for everyday use.

I also have some extra bowls for sets that I was working on trading, but I decided to keep some of the brightly colored ones for everyday use and put them there as well.  Doesn't all this sound great?  Well, now I want to replace some of the casseroles with brightly colored casseroles that I don't want to take from my sets.  Uh-oh...that sounds like more collecting!!!

I'm still ferociously trading and so squeezed for time I haven't replied to recent comments on my blog.  I hope you guys will understand and forgive me!!!!

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  1. I can't help myself when I buy a fridgie, they're my favorite!


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