Thursday, June 26, 2014

My latest finds and trades - Pyrex, Kitsch and More!

I have to start my post out with two of my cute vintage kitschy pieces!  How about a Kewpie still in the bag and an elephant piggy bank!  I literally took the piggy bank out of the attendant's hand as he was looking for something else in the bin.  And no!  I didn't snatch it out of his hand, I just told him I'd take that for him LOL!

I'm really getting to the point in my Pyrex collecting where I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.  Sure, there are things I don't have that I would like, but  if I had it all, I would miss the thrill of the hunt!  I found some things this week I can use and some things I can trade.

I let go of my red 501s to make a primary refrigerator set for someone else, so running into another pair was great!  Finding the 444 Friendship was an absolute surprise!  I have one piece of Friendship left to find--well, I don't have the promotional Penn Dutch, but I'm happy with what I have.  I do have the red 401 and 024 though!  The green figure, one my husband picked up, is made by Kreiss called Psycho Ceramics which started in the late 50s or early 60s.  There is a whole series of them and he's determined to find more.

Had a bunch of great trades again...

This trade included my first piece towards my first JAJ collection.  It's call Harvest.  I recently won the 472 and 473 size casseroles in an auction and used money in my PayPal from sales to buy it!  I get a kick out of generating funds from my unwanted Pyrex to pay for my trade postage and putting it towards buying something special!

I can't fail to mention this wonderful hand painted porcelain enameled Chinese vase. The colors are vibrant and the detail is executed beautifully!  It stands about 12" tall.  It cost a whopping $5!

I'm barely making the deadline to link to Sir Thrift-A-Lot!  But not to worry, we can all visit here at Thriftasaurus and catch up on what everybody else recently found!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just a Little of my Pyrex Eye Candy!

Some people know of my fridgie madness--can you blame me??!

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Couple Pyrex Jewels!

I continue to be squeezed for time.  I have a bunch of stuff going on to include refinishing a shelf I bought to display Pyrex in!  Here are a couple of my latest Pyrex goodies!  Can't believe I stumbled into either one of them!

My little holy grail!  I don't need to collect an entire fridgie set to be happy!  Just one Sandalwood 501 fills my dreams!  I can't believe I actually have one!  I know I'm in the minority of Sandalwood fridgie owners and well, I'm so happy to be in that club!

Not only did I trade a Big Bertha lid for a space saver lid recently, I also found this Rooster space saver cradle!!!  I was tickled for days afterwards!  It's one of those pieces I find  really does look better in its cradle!

Hope to post soon again.  I have a bunch of stuff I got in trades, and some Pyrex finds and also a couple pieces of new Pyrex display furniture pieces!  Sorry I haven't been responding to comments as much lately, I've honestly been filling every minute of my day and managing to feed my family too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pyrex Trades and Vintage Finds!

Wow!  Trading Pyrex can be so awesome!  Checkout what I got more recently.  I so want a couple of cradles for my special pieces and I posted my search for the 473 Embroidery cradle and one of my fellow traders responded!  I still can't believe I've got this set completed!  Who couldn't love a set of aqua refrigerator dishes!  The snowflake is the last snowflake space saver I needed.

And it only got sweeter with pink and this darling vintage piggy bank!

I was so excited to find a lid for my Glasbake piece.  It needs a good cleaning with some oven cleaner, the grime is baked on good.

Lots of great critter kitsch!
Uber cute big headed kitty and a policeman piggy bank, I love his belt with buckle!

Another piggy bank, it says his, hers and ours.  Funny thing is there is only a hole to remove coins under "hers".
Picked up a couple of these enameled metal BBQ platters, love the graphics!

A bittersweet find, a lovely Catherineholm ice bucket at a steal, BUT!--the lid is missing. We keep going back in hopes it will show up.

I continue to be busy trading and selling off chunks of my Pyrex collection.  It's fun and exciting and tons of work!  It's great to send people pieces they so want that you no longer wish to hang on to.  That in itself is very gratifying!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Changing up the Pyrex Display on my Peninsula - Verde!

I'm closing in on completing my Verde collection!  I won't be collecting the Cinderella bowls, one set of bowls is enough for me. There was also a chip and dip issued, it's the smallest and largest of the Cinderella bowls, but I'll pass on that too.  I have a couple pieces coming in a trade and then I'll have a couple more to go!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pyrex! Finds and Trades!

Haven't been hunting as much again lately, but it doesn't mean I have come home empty handed!  Even though I'm more selective about what Pyrex I'm picking up--and that makes searching even more of a challenge, I still found some of my favorites!

Everything is super minty!  I'll replace my display pink gooseberry pieces with these new ones, the others I'll put in my daily use pile.  My favorite find has got to be this 548 blue snowflake space saver, cost me a whopping $1!

Picked up some bowls for trading.  Two were gone the next day!

And some of my gems from trading arrived!  It's been a lot of work and a lot of fun! Between being busy, allergies and antihistamines--I'm pooped!  No rest for the (Pyrex) weary though!!!

I'm linking up with Sir-Thrift-A-Lot at Thriftasarus.  I gotta go over and check out what every body else got last week!