Friday, June 20, 2014

A Couple Pyrex Jewels!

I continue to be squeezed for time.  I have a bunch of stuff going on to include refinishing a shelf I bought to display Pyrex in!  Here are a couple of my latest Pyrex goodies!  Can't believe I stumbled into either one of them!

My little holy grail!  I don't need to collect an entire fridgie set to be happy!  Just one Sandalwood 501 fills my dreams!  I can't believe I actually have one!  I know I'm in the minority of Sandalwood fridgie owners and well, I'm so happy to be in that club!

Not only did I trade a Big Bertha lid for a space saver lid recently, I also found this Rooster space saver cradle!!!  I was tickled for days afterwards!  It's one of those pieces I find  really does look better in its cradle!

Hope to post soon again.  I have a bunch of stuff I got in trades, and some Pyrex finds and also a couple pieces of new Pyrex display furniture pieces!  Sorry I haven't been responding to comments as much lately, I've honestly been filling every minute of my day and managing to feed my family too!


  1. Such fun and lucky finds! Glad you got them, I think they'll be so happy and feel right at home with your beautiful collection!! Can't wait to see your display shelf!!! :) Happy weekend! xo Holly

  2. Very nice! I haven't seen the sandalwood pattern before.

  3. Sandalwood is pretty, I never see it either! I'm like you, I would be just happy for that one little fridgie!

  4. You found a Sandalwood!!!! I am so happy for you! It is beautiful.

    That cradle is gorgeous-I really love that piece.


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