Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pink Daisy Pyrex Display!

I need a vintage mid century modern open shelf for my family room to display some Pyrex in.  Since I don't have one, I'm limping along with other pieces of furniture.  I have a mid century wooden roll cart that I put stuff on right now.  A few days ago I ran into this little heavy and sturdy home handcrafted shelf that I thought could be useful.  I thought I could paint it and set it on my kitchen peninsula.  I opted for setting on the roll cart instead.  I put my newly completed pink daisy collection on it.  It seems just perfect!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pyrex Finds,a Trade and a Gift!

I'm sitting here having my morning coffee, getting ready to start my day!  As rushed as I've been lately I figured I should post my Pyrex finds now as it's only midweek and who knows what the end of the week will bring!  It's good for me to review and chronicle what I get--it's amazing how quickly I can forget how well I've done because I'm constantly lamenting on what I don't have.

I forgot to include this 043 Black Tulip I received in a trade on my last post.  I'm thrilled to have it!!!

I finally got the last piece to my pink Daisy collection.  I have been refusing to purchase it on line or at a super inflated price at the antique store.  I'm glad I waited!  I was more than happy to shell out $5 for this girl. 

Love this Lefton Kewpie planter equally as much!!!!

My assorted finds and a gift...

I couldn't pass up these very nice Daisy Cinderella bowls, the price was so cheap, I just couldn't leave them, especially since I have an extra 443.  But now I have two full sets, I need to sell or trade one!!!  This is my second Green Wheat space saver, I'll keep the cradle and part with the dish.  The red casserole is the 045 Friendship, a gift from my neighbor for taking care of her plants while she was away.

I made some AWESOME trades this week!  Some of those pieces I'll pass on to others, some are just for me.  Can't wait to report those next week!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Changing up the Pyrex Display - Yellow and Black

Getting ready to run out for brunch, but had to post my latest display.  It was time for a good kitchen cleaning and that meant something new on the peninsula. I'm lovin' it!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catching up on all my finds!!! -- Pyrex, pottery and More!

As usual, I'm rushing to put this post together.  I have been so busy with vintage collecting activities, Pyrex trading and selling and all those other things life demands.  Now the weather is nice and I need to tend to my garden as well.  I hastily took pictures this morning, so they suffer, but we'll just ignore that today.  Enough dialog, here are my finds!

One of my fun Pyrex finds last week, a red 401!

And the elusive Friendship 404!  Yay!!!

Had a great trade with a trader on the west coast.  Finished up my Daisy and so close to being done with Verde!

Found some great vintage pottery including the California pottery lazy Susan set.  I've never seen one with a deviled egg plate as the center piece and it has this awesome rooster on it.  It looks baby blue in this image on my computer, but it is turquoise.

I absolutely DON'T need anymore atomic pottery dishes, but no way I was going to leave these Salem China North Star pieces at the thrift.

Found the mate to my salt/pepper set and this turquoise pottery egg cup looking piece that is too big to be an egg cup.

Mod kitsch--the footed mug is Holt Howard dated 1967.

Lots more kitsch...

Love this darling little deer with pink rhinestone eyes.

This little gal needs a new do.  Gonna see if I can find a troll to get some new hair for her.

So excited about this set of metal worked pictures made in Hong Kong.  They need cleaning and hanging.

And we got hubby this super cool chest of drawers for his dressing room  He saw it and fell in love with it.  I could tell he was dead set on getting it and I couldn't blame him.  Fits perfectly in his room.

All of this and I'm tending my garden and still making sure Mr. Bossy Boots corgi gets the attention he demands!!!

I'm linking up with Sir-Thrift-A-Lot at Thriftasaurus!  Gotta get over there and see what's happen' on the finds for everybody else!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A quick few Pyrex finds!

The weather and pollen has not been kind to me this past week.  It's been a difficult struggle with unrelenting migraines.  I don't let it get my spirit down, but it wears on me physically and just doing what needs to be done around home was enough!  Consequently, I didn't do much thrifting, but I have a few goodies to share from this morning!

Now we know I don't NEED anymore Pyrex, but we also know I'm an addict so I'm still going to drag it home!  I AM being selective mind you.  Today I was overjoyed to find a piece I don't have and long ago decided it would be in my collection if I ever found it. And here it is, the 043 Lace Doily!  Isn't she pretty!?

I couldn't pass up this pair of shakers marked Japan.  The pink and blue fits in nicely with my Pyrex. 

A couple divided dishes, one I don't have and one I may put up for trade.  Not bad for one morning!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pyrex Finds! Mod and Rare!

It was another busy week and navigating through allergies and migraines didn't make it any easier, but there's no time to slow down in the quest for Pyrex!!!  There was some of the practical stuff out there, I picked up things for trading and things for myself.  I had two especially exciting pieces and I'm still giddy over them.

This is one of my most favorite Pyrex patterns referred to as Mod Kitchen.  I just love this design.  This is the second one of these I have found and it too is in excellent condition.  I'm debating if I can part with it and trade it for something I need in my collection.  It's a tough one though, I know I won't give her up easily.

Here's another excellent find and word on the street is it is rare!  This is a Pyrex 323 with a gold atomic pattern.  Inside the bowl you can see a little unmarked creamer I found sometime ago with an almost identical pattern.  Now to find the warmer and lid!!

I picked other pieces of Pyrex last week.  Some doubles and things for trading.  Finally though I got something that I needed for one of my sets.  I've been holding out and not buying Cinderella bowls for my Verde set as I just don't care for them.  I decided I would only buy the mixing bowls. Today I found the largest one!

This green 404 is a beauty--super shiny and very few scratches to the paint.  And at a sweet price!  Two down and two to go!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Changing up my Pyrex display! -- Pastels

It was time for a new display on my peninsula!  Lime,pink, Pink Flamingo and Desert Dawn pinks and yellows with an 024 "pineapple" thrown in. Vintage cookie jar from Japan and Holt Howard salt and pepper shakers to dress it up.