Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pyrex Finds! Mod and Rare!

It was another busy week and navigating through allergies and migraines didn't make it any easier, but there's no time to slow down in the quest for Pyrex!!!  There was some of the practical stuff out there, I picked up things for trading and things for myself.  I had two especially exciting pieces and I'm still giddy over them.

This is one of my most favorite Pyrex patterns referred to as Mod Kitchen.  I just love this design.  This is the second one of these I have found and it too is in excellent condition.  I'm debating if I can part with it and trade it for something I need in my collection.  It's a tough one though, I know I won't give her up easily.

Here's another excellent find and word on the street is it is rare!  This is a Pyrex 323 with a gold atomic pattern.  Inside the bowl you can see a little unmarked creamer I found sometime ago with an almost identical pattern.  Now to find the warmer and lid!!

I picked other pieces of Pyrex last week.  Some doubles and things for trading.  Finally though I got something that I needed for one of my sets.  I've been holding out and not buying Cinderella bowls for my Verde set as I just don't care for them.  I decided I would only buy the mixing bowls. Today I found the largest one!

This green 404 is a beauty--super shiny and very few scratches to the paint.  And at a sweet price!  Two down and two to go!!


  1. Mod Kitchen is a great one - I love mine too!!! Great finds for you!!

  2. Wait a minute...I have never seen the Pyrex with the gold atomic pattern-that is incredible!! I must do some research :)

    I'm also crazy about the Mod Kitchen-the graphics of the pattern really appeal to me. Congrats on your wonderful finds!


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