Saturday, May 10, 2014

A quick few Pyrex finds!

The weather and pollen has not been kind to me this past week.  It's been a difficult struggle with unrelenting migraines.  I don't let it get my spirit down, but it wears on me physically and just doing what needs to be done around home was enough!  Consequently, I didn't do much thrifting, but I have a few goodies to share from this morning!

Now we know I don't NEED anymore Pyrex, but we also know I'm an addict so I'm still going to drag it home!  I AM being selective mind you.  Today I was overjoyed to find a piece I don't have and long ago decided it would be in my collection if I ever found it. And here it is, the 043 Lace Doily!  Isn't she pretty!?

I couldn't pass up this pair of shakers marked Japan.  The pink and blue fits in nicely with my Pyrex. 

A couple divided dishes, one I don't have and one I may put up for trade.  Not bad for one morning!


  1. That lace doily is so pretty - that is one I would have picked up too!!

  2. The lace doily is wonderful, I have never seen it before. The shakers are adorable, they are really hard to pass on, aren't they?


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