Saturday, May 3, 2014

Changing up my Pyrex display! -- Pastels

It was time for a new display on my peninsula!  Lime,pink, Pink Flamingo and Desert Dawn pinks and yellows with an 024 "pineapple" thrown in. Vintage cookie jar from Japan and Holt Howard salt and pepper shakers to dress it up.


  1. I really love the way the flamingo and lime contrasts with each other. I have my pieces stacked like that as well. So pretty!

  2. What a cute display!! It looks so fresh and pretty together! :) Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly

  3. I love "the changing of the Pyrex"! I always look forward to what you come up with. The colors here are so pretty, and it is great the way you have them stacked.


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