Saturday, August 17, 2013

Catching Up

I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted to my blog until I looked at it yesterday.  We've found some really sweet things in the last couple weeks so I'm inspired to post.  As things would have it, we won't be moving which is good!  My dear friend isn't leaving town after all which makes me so happy! We've refocused and are doing some much wanted landscaping and other outdoor projects at our 50's ranch!

We've been hitting the thrifts about once a week.  Here are some of the things we've recently found and some from earlier in the year (all from thrift stores).

These have got to be some of the cutest critters yet.  These little condiment containers are about two inches long.  The little spoons stick out as stingers!  Each have a Japan sticker on the underside.

I was beyond excited to find these acrylic and abalone dolphin wall plaques--never removed from the box!  The small bathroom has always had a marine theme, but all that is being replaced with mid century finds.  These are some of the best of these I've seen.  I like the way the heads were left free of abalone so you can see the faces easily.  Also, I prefer the smaller pieces of abalone opposed the the larger chunks found in many other sets.

Isn't this gorgeous!  There was only one of these bookends but one is enough!  Love it!

These two chubby cuties are pink and mauve with an iridescent coating.  They are decorated in gold and white frost.  The label is difficult to read.  Best we can tell it says "Made in California, dist. by Naveth Enterprises" but we can't find any information  on the internet about them or the company.

And now I have two!  Found a Weil Ware vase to match my covered container.

Asian accessories for the bedroom...

Pottery (I believe) deer marked Japan.  Stands about 12".  Another one of my favorite pieces.  Cost a whopping 99 cents!

 Another one of my $5 lamps that I couldn't resist!  Wish I could find out something about this lamp.  There are no markings. 
The woman carries a bowl on her head, a pitcher in her hand, boats in the water, a structure in the background and palms.  It has a crackle effect and wood top and foot that needs sanding and oiling and it also needs rewiring.

Here's my current pot collection.  The largest is a steamer with removable basket that also has a removable divider within it.  I'm looking for enameled pots (in very good condition) with a white interiors and black handles.  There are a lot of pots and pans at the thrifts, but not a lot of the ones I'm looking for.  It's a lot of fun hunting for them and a great surprise to find one!