Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Trees and Kitsch

The Christmas season started off with a beautiful flocked Christmas tree.  I love flocked trees with C7 lights, they just glow wonderfully.  Here is a picture of the sun coming through the window shining on the tree.  You can see the beautiful Inge glass mushroom ornament from my friend.  This year I had much better luck finding vintage mercury glass ornaments.  I purchased a complete box of Shiny Brite for $1.99 and you can see one of bells at the lower right.  To the left of the bell is a vintage diorama ornament from Japan--I purchased one off ebay this year and now have a set of 4 one each red, blue, green and gold.

And what did Santa bring me this year?  I musta been a good girl because that aluminum tree I've been dreaming of the past 4 years arrived!  It was purchased on Christmas day and after the flocked tree came down the vintage tree went up!  I also purchased a color wheel and the same musical turning stand that we had in the 1960s, it is a little different than I remember, but an old picture confirms it.  The picture here just doesn't do this tree justice.

Some fun inexpensive vintage Christmas must haves that I picked up over the holidays.  Eleven dollars bought the following 3 blow molds, stuffed deer from Japan, floral arrangement from Hong Kong and a newer German/Austrian woven doily with Christmas candles and sprigs border that the German girl in me just couldn't pass up.

My Putz

Here is the beginning of my putz village.  It's been a lot of fun and I still have plans to make more structures in the coming weeks.  I had a great time over the past weeks scouring the thrifts for vintage accessories.  Little figures such as the snowman, deer, chenille angel, skating Santa, a lighted lamp post with bottle brush tree are the little treasures included in my putz so far.  Oh and not to forget, the vintage glitter felt that the village is sitting on.

Thanks to Retro Renovation for the mid century house patterns and Little Glitter Houses for the house with with bay window pattern!