Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Trees and Kitsch

The Christmas season started off with a beautiful flocked Christmas tree.  I love flocked trees with C7 lights, they just glow wonderfully.  Here is a picture of the sun coming through the window shining on the tree.  You can see the beautiful Inge glass mushroom ornament from my friend.  This year I had much better luck finding vintage mercury glass ornaments.  I purchased a complete box of Shiny Brite for $1.99 and you can see one of bells at the lower right.  To the left of the bell is a vintage diorama ornament from Japan--I purchased one off ebay this year and now have a set of 4 one each red, blue, green and gold.

And what did Santa bring me this year?  I musta been a good girl because that aluminum tree I've been dreaming of the past 4 years arrived!  It was purchased on Christmas day and after the flocked tree came down the vintage tree went up!  I also purchased a color wheel and the same musical turning stand that we had in the 1960s, it is a little different than I remember, but an old picture confirms it.  The picture here just doesn't do this tree justice.

Some fun inexpensive vintage Christmas must haves that I picked up over the holidays.  Eleven dollars bought the following 3 blow molds, stuffed deer from Japan, floral arrangement from Hong Kong and a newer German/Austrian woven doily with Christmas candles and sprigs border that the German girl in me just couldn't pass up.

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