Monday, September 23, 2013

Sci-Fi Movies and TV Dinners

You know, TV trays wouldn't work in our house with recliners and ottomans, but we still like a TV dinner!  I've put  up the few Halloween decorations we have and yesterday we warmed up with some old monsters movies and dinner in front of the TV--Pyrex style!  The divided dishes worked great for our Italian feast.

After dishing up the lasagna, I realized I should've grabbed the promotional wheat and barbed wire divided dishes--seemed better suited for fall and Halloween, but these were already washed.  I'll scrub the others up for movie night next weekend!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Pyrex Display for Fall

Having Pyrex on the brain these days, I found myself too lazy to do house work this afternoon but enough energy to wash up some Pyrex.  I have had blue Butterprint out for display and use all summer and it's time for a change!  I posted recently my current turquoise collection, I've already added some more pieces just this week.  Here it is without the 4 quart blue on white Butterprint (I received as a gift).

Here is the new set up for fall!

I'm missing some small patterned casseroles that I sold on ebay.  Also a Cinderella bowl and the old pattern small mixing bowl. I don't have any pans in this pattern.  Butterfly Gold wasn't one of my favorite patterns before but it has really grown on me. 

Finds of the Day (Pyrex) and the First Christmas Items!

Well, actually the Pyrex is from the last two days.  Just have to post it, I like keeping a record for myself!  In past years, I didn't buy promotional Pyrex as I was just trying to stick to patterns I thought were highly desirable for resale or limited ones for myself.  After learning more about all those wonderful promotional items, I've done a complete flip and now I am looking for them!  Yesterday I picked up the Barbed Wire promo along with an olive/avocado colored square pan which I'm not positively sure what set it was produced for.  Today a white on blue Snowflake and the smaller Golden Honeysuckle.  I already have the 4 quart Honeysuckle that we use to store our loose eggs in the fridge.  I am keeping an eye open for the lids and trays that originally came with them.


Hubby found this adorable Otagiri music box from 1979.  It plays "I will wait for you" while the little mouse slowly turns and goes up and down inside the wedge of cheese.  That kind of cute doesn't get left at the thrift store by us!  I got a couple Taylor Smith Taylor shakers for the set of Boutonniere patterned dishes I've collected over the years.  I was missing one.

Been keeping our eye open for Christmas stuff at the thrifts, but it's still only September and only one store that we frequent has only a little bit on the end of an aisle.  We went to one of the thrifts that mostly disappoints but today we were pleasantly surprised!  

Love the corsage (in the original box) with a gold deer and red mercury balls.  The bag of gold mercury balls has one pink one in it!  And I got more pink glass ornaments for the aluminum tree!

Pretty good discounts on things today, that made me happy!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pyrex Finds of the Day! Yipee!!

Boy was I jonesin' to find some Pyrex today!  We are going everyday this week as a blowout before school starts next week and hubby is busy teaching.  After a couple days of nothing, I was literally getting anxious!  Still didn't have much luck here in town so we went to our neighboring town about 10 miles away and had some success.  I was so excited to get some nice colors and patterns (other than Butterfly Gold and Spring Blossom)!

Franciscan Duet!

Went to our neighboring town today--wasn't finding any Pyrex worth buying in our town.  I was pleasantly surprised to run into one of my favorite pottery designs by Franciscan.  Don't need these dishes, I already have services of Starburst and Oasis, but these were dirt cheap like the other pieces I've picked up so far.  For $6.80 I got 2 dinner plates, 4 salad plates and 5 bread/butter.   I just got done scrubbing all the grey utensil marks off them and they look good as new!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yay! Syroco! (and my little Corgi)

Any serious vintage thrift store thrifter that looks through kitsch has undoubtedly seen their share of mid century plastic decorative wall plaques!!!  In one of my previous posts I showed a set that I purchased for my husband (and then painted them).  I have finally found a pair just perfect for my laundry room and I am so excited!  They are made by Syroco dated 1968. The laundry room color scheme is yellow/orange/green and I really wanted something in the orange family and I found it!  Here they are in my 1950s ranch laundry room.  Oh and, if you haven't seen my previous post on my West Bend bean pots--they have turned out to be the best containers for my oxygen bleach and baking soda!

My other finds include a Harmony House plate marked 4512 Wheat H.H. Parchment Beige.  This picture doesn't do it justice--it is very warm tan color on cream.   I have to go read about the process of manufacture of this pottery.  I  have a plate with an ivy leaf pattern by Harkerware in a robin's egg blue and beige that is made the same way.  It appears as if the color glaze is applied omitting glaze where the pattern is leaving a relief on the surface.  Really cool!  My other nifty item of the day is a wood planter that appears homemade--love the tapered legs!  It was a whole $2.70!

I had to add this picture and a comment this morning.  Here is my corgi in the laundry room.  If you are intimately familiar with corgis, you know how they can spot the minute something new enters the house.  Last night my little guy ran to these plaques and barked at them every time he saw them.  He figures they don't belong to the herd and he needs to run them off.  By this morning he was ignoring them.  Oh old laundry basket--not sure how old, but it's very flexible.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Red Wing "Bob White" Pottery Cups (I couldn't resist!)

Wasn't planning on hitting the thrifts today, but hubby mentioned it last night and I'm a bit burned out on yard work right now.  So after breakfast and morning chores we hit the usual places.  Yes, I found Pyrex...but I'll put those in my Pyrex posts later.  What I did decide to drag home (that wasn't Pyrex) were two Red Wing coffee cups.  I don't have any Red Wing, the one piece I did have I sold on Ebay.  These two cups I'll use to make/serve desserts in for hubby and me. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pyrex, Need I Say More?

Okay, it's no secret I'm a Pyrex addict.  How bad my addiction is--I don't know.  Wonder if someone has a self test out there.  Having come to terms with this fact, I have decided I am going to openly celebrate my Pyrex!!!  I'll refrain from shouting from the roof tops, but I am going to shamelessly start posting my hoard.  I might add that dear hubby hasn't helped any in this as he has really come to enjoy hunting for it with me.  He gets such a thrill when he comes around a corner and holds up a find that he's pretty sure I'll go nuts over--yesterday it was a pink gooseberry Cinderella bowl!

I have this really nice sized peninsula in my kitchen where I display some of my Pyrex. We use it daily--it's right there and handy.  I like to change it every so often. I don't buy mine to look at, I buy it to use and enjoy!   I'm going to snap a pic and post when I put up new patterns and colors.  Here are my turquoise...Butterprint and Snowflake collection so far.  I'm missing the two smallest Cinderella bowls and have only one mixing bowl in this pattern.  There is much to find yet!  I'm behaving myself and only buying thrift stores finds and no Ebay or Etsy!!!! 

A Few Vintage Finds

Quick couple of posts today, seems like it takes me forever to getting around to posting these days.  I've been working in the garden a lot, but it still hasn't stopped us from hitting the thrifts.  Hubby found this this super cute frog napkin holder (Sears 1970s) that he sternly let me know was going home with us.  Fortunately, I was able to swap out the vintage acrylic napkin holder that we were using to hold the coffee filters with Mr. Frog.  I'm working really hard to ONLY buy things we will actually use!  You can also see these other items I found a while back.  The salt shaker of a garlic bulb with a close pin on his nose has such character.  I set it atop a vintage lidded glass container I use to keep my garlic.  It works like charm!  There is a knob handle set inside the depression in the glass which fortunately is deep enough for the shaker to rest in.  There is no makers mark on the glass.  The lower half of the container is painted butter yellow.  I love it!