Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yay! Syroco! (and my little Corgi)

Any serious vintage thrift store thrifter that looks through kitsch has undoubtedly seen their share of mid century plastic decorative wall plaques!!!  In one of my previous posts I showed a set that I purchased for my husband (and then painted them).  I have finally found a pair just perfect for my laundry room and I am so excited!  They are made by Syroco dated 1968. The laundry room color scheme is yellow/orange/green and I really wanted something in the orange family and I found it!  Here they are in my 1950s ranch laundry room.  Oh and, if you haven't seen my previous post on my West Bend bean pots--they have turned out to be the best containers for my oxygen bleach and baking soda!

My other finds include a Harmony House plate marked 4512 Wheat H.H. Parchment Beige.  This picture doesn't do it justice--it is very warm tan color on cream.   I have to go read about the process of manufacture of this pottery.  I  have a plate with an ivy leaf pattern by Harkerware in a robin's egg blue and beige that is made the same way.  It appears as if the color glaze is applied omitting glaze where the pattern is leaving a relief on the surface.  Really cool!  My other nifty item of the day is a wood planter that appears homemade--love the tapered legs!  It was a whole $2.70!

I had to add this picture and a comment this morning.  Here is my corgi in the laundry room.  If you are intimately familiar with corgis, you know how they can spot the minute something new enters the house.  Last night my little guy ran to these plaques and barked at them every time he saw them.  He figures they don't belong to the herd and he needs to run them off.  By this morning he was ignoring them.  Oh old laundry basket--not sure how old, but it's very flexible.

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