Monday, September 23, 2013

Sci-Fi Movies and TV Dinners

You know, TV trays wouldn't work in our house with recliners and ottomans, but we still like a TV dinner!  I've put  up the few Halloween decorations we have and yesterday we warmed up with some old monsters movies and dinner in front of the TV--Pyrex style!  The divided dishes worked great for our Italian feast.

After dishing up the lasagna, I realized I should've grabbed the promotional wheat and barbed wire divided dishes--seemed better suited for fall and Halloween, but these were already washed.  I'll scrub the others up for movie night next weekend!


  1. What a great idea, I love it! I'm also stealing it ;)

    1. I was thinking "I should snap and post this!" I feel like I never use my divided dishes enough. We have this old plastic divided bowl that's been around for ages--we call it "the dog bowl". My husband uses on the rare occasion we grab burgers and fries so he can keep the ketchup from migrating. It dawned on me that these should be the new dog bowls!

  2. That is a clever idea! I have several divided dishes and they don't get used very they will!


  3. I have the pink daisy divided dish. I tend to use it at holiday meals---for example, at Thanksgiving I'll do one side with stuffing, the other side with wild rice. It saves on the number of dishes at my teeny table. I like your idea!

  4. Thanksgiving seems to be the one time I always use them too--so handy!

  5. Clever idea for the divided dishes. Mine rarely get used - I'm definitely doing this!


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