Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finds of the Day (Pyrex) and the First Christmas Items!

Well, actually the Pyrex is from the last two days.  Just have to post it, I like keeping a record for myself!  In past years, I didn't buy promotional Pyrex as I was just trying to stick to patterns I thought were highly desirable for resale or limited ones for myself.  After learning more about all those wonderful promotional items, I've done a complete flip and now I am looking for them!  Yesterday I picked up the Barbed Wire promo along with an olive/avocado colored square pan which I'm not positively sure what set it was produced for.  Today a white on blue Snowflake and the smaller Golden Honeysuckle.  I already have the 4 quart Honeysuckle that we use to store our loose eggs in the fridge.  I am keeping an eye open for the lids and trays that originally came with them.


Hubby found this adorable Otagiri music box from 1979.  It plays "I will wait for you" while the little mouse slowly turns and goes up and down inside the wedge of cheese.  That kind of cute doesn't get left at the thrift store by us!  I got a couple Taylor Smith Taylor shakers for the set of Boutonniere patterned dishes I've collected over the years.  I was missing one.

Been keeping our eye open for Christmas stuff at the thrifts, but it's still only September and only one store that we frequent has only a little bit on the end of an aisle.  We went to one of the thrifts that mostly disappoints but today we were pleasantly surprised!  

Love the corsage (in the original box) with a gold deer and red mercury balls.  The bag of gold mercury balls has one pink one in it!  And I got more pink glass ornaments for the aluminum tree!

Pretty good discounts on things today, that made me happy!


  1. You are going to get sick of me commenting, but I just found your blog and I LOVE it! So now I will be going through the archives...

    I felt the same way about the promotionals, till I realized they were gorgeous! I was wondering if your green one might be from Heinz promotions-I got one that is a lighter green, and more rectangular rather than square-but that is what yours reminded me of.

    1. Oh Maureen, I'm delighted you are enjoying it! We just have such fun hunting and finding neat stuff! Can't help but want to share with like minded people!

      The green pan is square and very much avocado. I've found an old ad that appears to show one of these with the Verdé group. I think it could have gone with the square flower pattern as well. I just cleaned it up yesterday and it looks really nice! Yay!


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