Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Few Vintage Finds

Quick couple of posts today, seems like it takes me forever to getting around to posting these days.  I've been working in the garden a lot, but it still hasn't stopped us from hitting the thrifts.  Hubby found this this super cute frog napkin holder (Sears 1970s) that he sternly let me know was going home with us.  Fortunately, I was able to swap out the vintage acrylic napkin holder that we were using to hold the coffee filters with Mr. Frog.  I'm working really hard to ONLY buy things we will actually use!  You can also see these other items I found a while back.  The salt shaker of a garlic bulb with a close pin on his nose has such character.  I set it atop a vintage lidded glass container I use to keep my garlic.  It works like charm!  There is a knob handle set inside the depression in the glass which fortunately is deep enough for the shaker to rest in.  There is no makers mark on the glass.  The lower half of the container is painted butter yellow.  I love it!

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