Monday, September 16, 2013

Red Wing "Bob White" Pottery Cups (I couldn't resist!)

Wasn't planning on hitting the thrifts today, but hubby mentioned it last night and I'm a bit burned out on yard work right now.  So after breakfast and morning chores we hit the usual places.  Yes, I found Pyrex...but I'll put those in my Pyrex posts later.  What I did decide to drag home (that wasn't Pyrex) were two Red Wing coffee cups.  I don't have any Red Wing, the one piece I did have I sold on Ebay.  These two cups I'll use to make/serve desserts in for hubby and me. 


  1. I've never seen Red Wing pottery, these are very beautiful!

    1. Yes, Red Wing made some really nice stuff and the decoration is rendered by hand! You can see tons of it on auction. I'm glad this is all I found...I have enough pottery!


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