Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pyrex Finds,a Trade and a Gift!

I'm sitting here having my morning coffee, getting ready to start my day!  As rushed as I've been lately I figured I should post my Pyrex finds now as it's only midweek and who knows what the end of the week will bring!  It's good for me to review and chronicle what I get--it's amazing how quickly I can forget how well I've done because I'm constantly lamenting on what I don't have.

I forgot to include this 043 Black Tulip I received in a trade on my last post.  I'm thrilled to have it!!!

I finally got the last piece to my pink Daisy collection.  I have been refusing to purchase it on line or at a super inflated price at the antique store.  I'm glad I waited!  I was more than happy to shell out $5 for this girl. 

Love this Lefton Kewpie planter equally as much!!!!

My assorted finds and a gift...

I couldn't pass up these very nice Daisy Cinderella bowls, the price was so cheap, I just couldn't leave them, especially since I have an extra 443.  But now I have two full sets, I need to sell or trade one!!!  This is my second Green Wheat space saver, I'll keep the cradle and part with the dish.  The red casserole is the 045 Friendship, a gift from my neighbor for taking care of her plants while she was away.

I made some AWESOME trades this week!  Some of those pieces I'll pass on to others, some are just for me.  Can't wait to report those next week!!!


  1. Awesome pyrex finds this week. I love the little kewpie too. You are so lucky with your pyrex hunting.

    xo Danielle

  2. Such a wonderful haul!! You are good at finding those Pyrex pieces!! :) :) Oh those pink daiys are so cute, I bought my first one a few weeks ago, the ones you have make me want another pink!! :) So pretty! Happy sweet day! ~Sending corgi hugs!! :) xo Holly

  3. Awesome trades and finds, Evie! That kewpie doll-what an adorable expression!


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