Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Pyrex Report!

Another day of Pyrex activity! Today I made the decision to part with a great deal of my excess Pyrex.  Trading has been a great way to acquire items for my collection, but one has to consider the cost of shipping--it really adds up!  Even when I ship to folks closer to me, it's still not cheap.  So while sipping my morning coffee, I decided I would put together a donation of Pyrex for our local animal rescue charity. I picked the heaviest things...444 bowls, 475 casseroles and those excess 403 bowls. There were a few miscellaneous other pieces I parted with.  The folks at the shop were very pleased with their new inventory and I beamed at the thought of it selling and creating funds for those needy little furry critters!

Now for the finds report!  Not a bad week once again.  I didn't go nearly as much as I have been in past months, but that didn't stop me from scooping up a handful of goodies!!!

The elusive 503 Autumn Harvest refrigerator dish finally made it into my life!!  A 442 orange Town and County bowl finishes off my set.  I have a pink Gooseberry mixing bowl set, but who can pass up a $4 444? A 471 orange Friendship casserole goes into my daily use cabinet and one of the best finds I could hope for, the chip and dip bracket!!!!  What timing too!  We just found the big bowl for our Balloons chip and dip set last week.

Here it is set up in all its glory!

Trades were coming in this week, I was hastily washing everything and putting it away.  Here is most of it.

I've been so fortunate to have so many nice trading buddies!  Amazing how the love of Pyrex brings us together!


  1. You have a wonderful collection Evie. I love seeing your newest Pyrex finds.

    xo Danielle

  2. What a nice thing to do, Evie! Not only did you make someone's day by enabling them to pick up Pyrex at the animal charity thrift shop, but you are helping out our furry friends. Good for you!

    Great finds and trades-I especially love the Green Wheat spacesaver. Is the color as pretty as it looks? That is wonderful you found the bracket for your chip and dip set! I never have run across one, but luckily I found someone on etsy who makes them. You really do have an amazing Pyrex collection!

  3. You have so many lovely pieces!! Love seeing your collections Evie!!! :) I went to an estate sale Saturday morning hoping to find some, but didn't see any there, oh well! Happy new week! xo Holly


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