Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pyrex Trades and Vintage Finds!

Wow!  Trading Pyrex can be so awesome!  Checkout what I got more recently.  I so want a couple of cradles for my special pieces and I posted my search for the 473 Embroidery cradle and one of my fellow traders responded!  I still can't believe I've got this set completed!  Who couldn't love a set of aqua refrigerator dishes!  The snowflake is the last snowflake space saver I needed.

And it only got sweeter with pink and this darling vintage piggy bank!

I was so excited to find a lid for my Glasbake piece.  It needs a good cleaning with some oven cleaner, the grime is baked on good.

Lots of great critter kitsch!
Uber cute big headed kitty and a policeman piggy bank, I love his belt with buckle!

Another piggy bank, it says his, hers and ours.  Funny thing is there is only a hole to remove coins under "hers".
Picked up a couple of these enameled metal BBQ platters, love the graphics!

A bittersweet find, a lovely Catherineholm ice bucket at a steal, BUT!--the lid is missing. We keep going back in hopes it will show up.

I continue to be busy trading and selling off chunks of my Pyrex collection.  It's fun and exciting and tons of work!  It's great to send people pieces they so want that you no longer wish to hang on to.  That in itself is very gratifying!

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  1. More lovely pieces for your collection. Love that embroidery piece!

    xo Danielle

  2. So very sweet!! Love that pretty aqua and pink! The embroidery piece is so neat too!! xo Holly

  3. I so wish I could trade! You are making me jealous with your growing, beautiful collection!

    I have that BBQ tray, won it in a contest. Such a lucky CH find! I hope a lid turns up somewhere soon.

  4. Your collection get more amazing with every post! You sure have been working hard on it. I love that little snowflake Glasbake piece too!
    Erica :)

  5. You have a gorgeous collection!

    And I really love the triple pig bank. Too cute!

  6. That piggy is so funny and I love the Embroidery cradle!

  7. I feel like every comment I make is "wow", but good gosh Evie-WOW! The aqua fridgies, THE CRADLE-I am so excited for you! I also am crazy about the enamel platters, I love the graphics.

    My favorite though-the pig bank-so adorable. I love how the money only comes out under the "hers". I seriously think that is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

  8. I've never seen CH in the wild and I hope the lid turns up, it's a fab find.


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