Friday, May 10, 2013

Today's Finds - Fantastic Fish and Pot!

Just got home and wanted to get this posted before I got distracted by something else.  Hit the thrift stores today and didn't find much (not that I NEED anything).  Hubby scored with a set of vintage ceramic fish, one of those things we desperately want but not willing to buy on line.  The mama fish has been broken and glued in a couple places, but who cares, especially at the price of $1.50! 

My other find is a pot.  Yep, a pot.  I am sooo bored with my cookware.  I've had it about 14 years now, plain old stainless.  Not that it's not nice and still good enough, but I've been drawn to the colorful stuff at the thrift stores.  Mom had German enameled steel from the 1970s on and I have a soft spot for it.  So today I found the piece that will get the snowball rolling.  Love the style and nice ergonomic handle, works great for my little hand!  And it's in fantastic shape--$3.75 was certainly reasonable.

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