Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday -- Christmas Craft Finds!

Oh my, I am pooped!  We got up and headed to our Goodwill stores this morning as they opened two hours earlier for Black Friday.  All seasonal items were 50% off, so I had to go each one of them, 4 in all. After that, we dropped off our finds at home and then headed out to breakfast.  Nobody felt like changing gears and cooking breakfast.  We finished breakfast and off to the other thrifts we went.  Here's my haul on the garage floor.  I was looking primarily for goodies for crafting.

After getting it into the house, I sorted the ornaments into the den where my bins are.

I bought some of those mixed grab bags.  They usually don't have much in them that I really want.  I love them though because once I see enough to make me want to buy it, I wait to really analyze it when I get home and so it remains somewhat of a mystery until then.  I took pics just for fun.
I saw Jewelbrites in this bag!

I'll keep the items in the Pyrex, the other stuff I will donate back. 
These are darling!!!

This next bag I saw at one of the stores last week, but I wasn't willing to pay what they asked.  Today it was 50% off, so I got it.

I liked the plastic corsages.

And that was about it.

Hubby showed me this next bag, he pointed out the sugared bells.  The bag was 99 cents, so that was enough to justify me buying it.

A lot of stuff going back to the thrift in this one.

I sorted all the glass balls into their respective color bins.  I also had to sort the minis I got the past few days.  I did really well I think. I like using lots of mini glass balls, so I'm constantly on the look out for them.  I fear I won't find them when I go out thrifting, but based on this picture, I've been pretty successful recently.

My jewelery box!


  1. I think you found some great stuff in the bags!

    1. Jill--they remind me of the Crack Jack boxes, you know there will be a prize--but what it is a mystery!

    2. Ha-ha! I meant "Cracker Jack"!


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