Friday, November 22, 2013

Vintage Christmas Thrifting - Not too Shabby

We try to hit all the thrifts on Friday as hubby likes to get his mind off work and he loves to hunt just as much as I do.  We went to all but one of our usual places, we just got too tired and our little furry guy was sure to want us home. I did some quick's the stuff!

Lots of fun little stuff and crafting goodies.  Flocked ornaments, also a little Santa in a cage with a mini bottle brush tree and bottle brush trees stamped Japan.  Craft stuff included, spangles,unopened packages of Lee Wards sequins,Wright's metallic shell design trim and an unopened packet of Shiny Brite butterflies!  I was happy to find the white satin balls--saw some at another thrift yesterday and they wanted $2.99! I was like 'no way', I got these for 89 cents.

This big satin ball is a music box.  It is made in Japan and the second one of these I've seen this week.  The first one was so faded on one side I had to pass it up.  I was delighted to discover these Holt Howard salt and pepper shakers--my first Holt Howard Christmas find! 

Some mostly not so old glass ornaments.  These big jewel faceted ones are really cool, I think they are not old, they have nylon threads on the hangers which is kinda a giveaway to me, plus, they don't have any oxidation or flaws--but I need to look them up none-the-less.

Mostly plain Shiny Brites...
Big stenciled Shiny Brites...
And a German and two Polish ornaments!  But there's more!

Two Erzgebirge nutcrackers!  My dear sweet husband gives me the big puppy eyes every year about wanting nutcrackers.  We have one, a nice one, a Steinbach I bought in Germany at the store outlet the first year we were married.  But he'll look at those cheap ones from China every year seeing if I'll bite and I don't.  Well, today he raised the bar and I couldn't say no.  He said from now on he's going to look for Erzgebirges.  Both of these have the Expertic GDR labels/stamps.

Well, it's taking me longer than I wanted to write this post.  It's getting late and I'm exhausted.  I told hubby we needn't go to the thrifts tomorrow, but he's already dropping hints.


  1. I LOVE the stenciled Shiny Brites, what a flashback to my childhood. How fun that you and your husband go thrifting together-my husband humors me, but isn't interested at all.

    1. Yes, we are two peas in a pod that way :0)

  2. Wow! You really brought home some great things! I have to say I'm jealous of your Holt Howard shakers! I collect HH and have never seen those! My collection is quite little still because it's only things I've found at estate sales. I also love your nutcrackers! What a great thing to collect!
    Thanks for sharing Evie.
    Erica :)

    1. Would you believe Erica that today I found the Captain Santa for the SS Noel! I spent 25 cents on him. Sure would have been great to have the rest of the pieces, but I feel lucky to have found him. He sure is cute! Funny that I found HH pieces two days in a row.

  3. Hi, I know this is an old post, but if you have any information about or come across any more of the Japanese Christmas music boxes, can you let me know? I am trying to track down more info on one my parents got in Japan around 1971. It still works -- it plays Silent Night. Does yours work? Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


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