Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Happy Girl! My Mini Mother Lode!

I wasn't planning to post today, and I'm just squeezing it in as it is.  I've been busy all day and on my feet, so I decided to take a break and have a cup of tea, check email etc.  Oh yeah, and post!  I planned to hit the local thrifts today in search of Christmas stuff and I came home a happy happy girl!  I didn't find anything at the first few, but number four had this waiting for me!

Lots of unopened packages of vintage mercury glass mini balls, satin balls, box of Diamond Ray reflectors, spray of mercury glass picks, bag of plastic lanterns with flocked candles inside of them, and this curious ornament which contains a mylar rain bonnet!  The picks were in a bag with non-vintage plastic ornaments (I'll donate back) and some green and gold mercury balls.  Hubby doesn't quite understand the fascination over the mini balls or pink mini balls for that matter, but us vintage crafty folk do!  Oh yes, there is also a box of gold balls, the box is in excellent shape and has a graphic of Santa and Reindeer on it.  I was so grateful the thrift store put the price tag on the bottom of the box.

I also got a few other things at a couple of the other stores.  Debated on the one, but glad I took it home though hubby was kinda like 'you sure?

This sweet vintage music box needs some TLC--it looks better in the photo than it is, though Mr. & Mrs. Santa are in great condition, their hair and beard still white and clean.  I'll repaint and re-mica/glitter the house.  Found my first Jewel Brite ornaments!!

Last night I got the itch to start throwing some ornaments together to see how the combination would look for an ornament wreath.  Here's what I have so far.

I picked up even more ornaments at the thrift today. Here's what my stash looked like last week.

Here is the current state of things--I had to reorganize and move the felted and brown box out to make room for more glass.  I have to look for more plastic containers on my next trip out!


  1. After seeing your stash, I'm positive I don't have enough for a wreath! What great finds!

  2. I thought the same thing, Jill! Evie has an awesome stash-I had read somewhere it takes a lot more ornaments than you think-I will keep looking!


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