Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vintage Ornament Finds Today

I went to a Christmas garage sale today.  Got there early and had first choice so I we went straight to the glass ornaments. There wasn't a lot.  There were ones in boxes, ones on trees, a mish mash.  When I got home I sorted what I got and put like items together.  I got one of my vintage boxes to put the rest in.  Here's what I got.

Most of these aren't as old as I would like, but the sizes and shapes are the kind of thing I need for wreath making.  The little mushrooms are cute and I can't turn down horns and bells.  Since all I've been finding at thrifts are mostly plain balls, I had to suck it up and pay the asking price.  It's still a lot cheaper than buying on line, so I should be happy.

I stopped by the thrift as well and found this little pathetic fake tree with these adorable itty bitty ornaments on them.  They will be great for a bottle brush tree.

(Oh AND...I found Pyrex--YAY! )


  1. I'm glad you got them in box…I keep finding old ornaments but no box, I want a Shiny Brite box wit Santa shaking Uncle Sam's hand, darn it! The little ones are adorable. Dying to know what Pyrex you found!

    1. Oh I would love that Shiny Brite box too Jacquelyn! I haven't been so lucky to find any really cool ones, but I keep my eyes open. I get excited just to get an old one that's in decent shape.

      I'll post Monday on the Pyrex finds, but let's just say, I'm not disappointed!


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