Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vintage Wreath #2 -- I Couldn't Resist!

Oh my gosh!  This vintage ornament wreath thing has taken over my mind!  I had some time for myself in the afternoon before supper and I had wreath on the brain. Earlier I had sorted the ornaments I picked up at the thrift into my boxes and felt like I might have enough stuff for a wreath I wanted to make for my friend.  I thought I'd wrap the foam ring, put on the hanging wire, and see if I had enough bulbs for the outside.

My friend has a red and white kitchen and red is dominant in her living room, so I wanted to make her something to fit in to that.  I decided on a green tinsel garland base color.

After adding the outer ring of ornaments (and positioning but not attaching the inner bulbs), I laid on some of the non-glass objects I had collected.  Red and white gingham seemed like a perfect choice for my friends kitchen.  No way I could just stop here, though I did have to take a break to make supper, I was back at it afterwards.

Here it is.  It has a bit of the country feel she likes with the gingham and wood ornaments.  I hope she likes it, I think she will.  Once again I caught myself starting to fret and pick things apart about it, but I reminded myself this is supposed to be fun--I let go and went with it!


  1. Oh my gosh! I just love it! So refreshing to see traditional Christmas colors!
    Your friend is a very lucky girl. Great Job!
    Erica :)

    1. Thanks Erica! I'll make one for myself in that color scheme too, quintessential Christmas colors in this house!

      I saw all the fun stuff you made for your market--inspiring!!

  2. Your friend is going to love this!! Adorable, and I love the colors so much. So is wreath making addictive? Maybe it needs a warning label ;)

    1. Thanks Maureen. It is addictive! I've loved making things all my life and since this goes so fast and easy, it's been one of the most fun ever!


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