Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thrifty Vintage Christmas Finds - December 22nd

Counting down to Christmas!  Went out today to run some last minute errands and hit a few thrifts!  Many are already shifting the Christmas stuff out off the regular stocking areas, that was a bummer--it's not even Christmas yet.  Anyway, here is what we found!

I didn't take a very good picture, too much in a hurry.  There is a decorated wicker bell with a neat Mrs. Claus on it,  Ceramic Santa marked Japan, one stenciled bulb, a Christmas snowflake ornament kit, the foam balls are missing but the instructions and beads and bangles are there and I got this wreath as I saw this deer peeking at me!

Here he is after extracting him and cleaning him up! It was sunny and rather warm for a winters day, we had a nice time and also went for sushi!  Oh and, I also found Pyrex, I'll post that on the Collective tomorrow!


  1. a cleaned up deer that eats sushi!?!? Cool! Giggle...

  2. Stopped by to say Merry Christmas!! I love that deer. I am enjoying your blog!!
    Stop over to my blog sometime! And follow along too!

  3. Such lovely finds!! The deer is too cute!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!! xo Holly


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