Monday, December 23, 2013

Thrifty Vintage Christmas Finds - December 23rd

Wow!  What a day!  We hit the thrifts both locally and in our neighboring town.  Traffic wasn't so bad considering it is the day before Christmas Eve.  It was a lot of fun, we both found stuff we were excited about.  I had to take a number of pictures to share!

Hubby has found another German nutcracker to add to his collection, he was sooo happy!  Got a box of ornaments, the box wasn't taped and in pretty good shape.  There were two stenciled West Germany ornaments in it.  I also got these blue icicle ornaments and a new in package poly/cotton tree skirt! Oh and a new unopened bag of those colored pegs for the ceramic tree.

The graphic on the bag is so cute and the lettering on the bottom is so 70s!

I think these glass icicle ornaments are mercury glass--I have to check into it more.

I got a bag of crafted items and it included these tuna can dioramas--one is missing it's contents.  I'm not into the wood figures, but I love the little chenille wreath on this guy.  The satin ball will be disassembled for materials.

This red ornament is made up of a lot of really neat things.  Fancy gimp, these metal pieces with glass rhinestones, there are a number of them and also green glass garland beads!  Cant wait to take it apart!

A bunch more crafting goodies!!!! I had to buy a couple decorated wreaths and tree to get some of these.  Since it was 50% off day at one thrift chain, it made getting those a good deal.  The bundle of multicolored glass ball stems came off a tree, the picks of red glass balls with Japan stickers on each came from a wreath and all the gold (flowers, leaves and foil off an other wreath).

Aren't these beauties?!  There are four pieces each with 'made in Japan' labels.  The wreath cost $1.50, there is also the gold foil and a couple of large plastic white poinsettias that came on the wreath.

And then there were birds...

Another moment I couldn't believe my luck!  Three new in package, made in Japan flocked birds!!!  They were 45 cents a piece!  I also got a foam ring that had fabric wrapped around it for 89 cents which beats $4 for a new one and also a Bucilla tree skirt kit which someone cut out one color of the felt and then quit.  I may just make them into ornaments as I don't want a green tree skirt...we'll see.  What a great day!  Now I need to start thinking about what to make for supper!

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  1. Very cute vintage Christmas treasures!! Merry Christmas~


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