Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wreath #6 Plastic Outdoor - Washing Chenille

I don't think a day will go by that my fingers aren't busy with something Christmas!  Today I had to move some of my stuff out of the den, it was getting a bit chaotic, plus I need to do some more decorating as there is still stuff hubby knows I haven't put out. Earlier in the day I took apart the chenille flowers, I discovered that some are polyester (a synthetic at least), I posted one earlier.  However, the others suspiciously look like cotton, so I test washed one piece and it lost it's shape.  So those won't be washed.  I did tumble them in the dryer on no heat to remove dust and lint.  I washed all the poly ones, here's a picture of them drying, I had yet to wash the black ones.

I was also determined to make a wreath.  In the course of buying ornaments, some of the mixed bags I got had both glass and plastic.  I almost donated the plastic ones back to the thrift store, but I liked the turquoise and got the idea to keep them and buy some super cheap plastic ones to make an outdoor wreath for my friend.  My friend is mommy to more than a couple kitties, so I made sure they were represented in this wreath!  This is the same friend I made the blue and gold vintage wreath for.

This wreath took me less than 2 hours.  I pretty much used all the ornaments I had, thank goodness for that as I really wanted to have it done today.  I haven't posted wreath #5 yet, the recipient wants to wait to see it and she reads my blog, so I won't post until she gets get.  Tomorrow I am going to help my neighbor make a wreath for herself!


  1. I LOVE the little cat in this wreath! What a great idea!
    I've been keeping plastic ornaments too. You can't tell the difference, and some of them have great shapes and colors. Hey! I love the button you sent. I will be sure to put it on my sidebar!
    Hope you're having a great week!
    Erica :)

  2. Can you hear me squealing? :) I don't know if I can hang it outside.. it's too cute.

  3. Another adorable wreath-I want to try and make one so badly, but I don't think I have near enough ornaments.

    So glad I found your blog through Pyrex Collective, it really brightens my day!

    1. Thanks Maureen. I've been enjoying being more active with my blog. I have more time now that I don't work and can post more frequently--like I wanted to in past years, but it was just so hard to keep up with.


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