Saturday, December 7, 2013

Vintage Kitsch Ornament Wreath #7 - In Progress

I can't believe I am working on my seventh wreath!  And it won't be my last with all the crafting goodies I have left.  I've been collecting quite a few of those little kitschy non-glass ornaments last year and this year.  Most of them are red.  I wanted to make something more pastel than red.

I picked up this white, silver and gold colored loopy garland from the thrift.  It is so pretty.

I picked through my stuff and started adding things...

And decorated one of the bottle brush trees I bleached...

This is as far as I can go with what I have on hand.  It could use some more pieces, but they will need to be just the right things.  I don't want to fill it too much and take away from the cuteness of the figures nor do I want to cover  up all the beautiful garland
We are snowed in another day.  The day is young...I need to think of something crafty to do!


  1. Tomorrow I plan to make a wreath - wish me luck! You're doing a great job!

    1. Jill--You're gonna do great--I can feel it! I have to come visit your blog, I scrolled through and you have lots of exciting stuff going on! I gasped when I saw the 'hugger tree'!!! Fantastic! Congrats on such a spectacular find!!!

  2. I love this wreath! I finally made an ornament one this year.
    I'm here via Erica @Golden Egg Vintage!

    1. Hi Holly! Wreath making is so fun isn't it! Thanks for stopping by!


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