Friday, December 6, 2013

A Snowy Day!

They predicted it may snow and weren't they right!  Looks like we aren't going anywhere today.  Hubby went out to try to make it to work but came back, fortunately he can make other arrangements.  It's been snowing steadily for the past 5 hours.  Here's a picture of the little potted fir on the patio, this was early this morning and it's noon and been snowing ever since!  We aren't accustomed to much snow here.

I have some leftover plastic ornaments, had I been thinking--I could have put some on this little tree, sure would have been pretty!

I am admiring my Evergleam tree, I couldn't resist taking some pictures.  It is so bright outside and the tree in the daylight is sooo pretty!

Oh how I love these Shiny Brite ornaments!!

I was browsing online about a month ago and got weak when I ran into these vintage glass and plastic face ornaments made in Japan.  They are so cute!  There are six total and four unique characters: Santa, elf, angel and snowman.

Other vintage related things of the day were washing up some vintage textiles...

I got a pair of these vintage hand embroidered peacock pillowcases more recently at an estate sale.

One of the first things I did this morning was put on a roast, nothing like a roast in the oven on a cold snowy day!

Ah--now that I have had lunch, I'll take a break!


  1. I love the face ornaments, I've never seen them before, they're so cute!

    1. I should make a point of snapping pics of the other two so you can see them!

  2. Oh my I love those Japanese ornaments. I would have gotten weak too!

    1. The danger of looking on ebay (sigh) :0\


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