Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wreath Making and Vintage Christmas Finds

Wow!  The day flew by!  I planned to get together with my neighbor friend to help her make her first vintage ornament wreath.  I raced to get chores done before she came over in the morning.  Making the wreath takes some time, so we wanted to get started early.  I got the kitchen set up.

I had the foam ring wrapped and wired and the ornament colors she wanted to use ready to go.  My pup kept an eye on things.

Baklava and tea were in order.

And here is our merry wreath maker in high gear!  She brought an assortment of vintage fun stuff to add to her wreath.

She's on a roll!

Ta da!  Everybody is admiring the new wreath--even pup! 

The day was still young, young enough to hit the thrifts and so we girls bundled up (it's cold!!!!) and off we went.

Decorated Shiny Brites (and a few others in the box), plastic angels playing instruments (made in Hong Kong), another dancing Santa and a super cute Josef Originals reindeer were some of my favorites.  Oh yes, can't forget the pastel pink glass balls and I found this German hand embroidered table cloth with pink and purple candles (I have a weakness for my German textiles).  I'll put this on my 1790s German peasants table in my spare room where I plan to put up my 4 foot aluminum tree with plain pink Shiney Brite balls.  It's the girls pink room (wink).

I'm pooped!  That's it for today.  Tomorrow will be another day of thrifting IF the weather cooperates!  We may have snow!  If we don't go, it will be Christmas decorating and crafting and hot cocoa!


  1. What a fun thing to do with a friend! Her wreath is so cute, she looks very happy with it.

    I LOVE your kitchen so much, the cabinets, the wall, the flooring-wonderful!

    1. She was delighted Maureen, it was so fun to craft with someone else!

      The old 50s kitchen had to be scrapped, so much needed repair. After limping along for about 13 years, we had it done and I got to design my own custom cabinetry EXACTLY they way I wanted. The woodworking team was great, made my dreams come true! Incredible amount of storage space, super functional. I've tweaked the decor it a little over the years, but I still love it 14 years later!

  2. Linked over from Erica's blog. You are a terrific wreath maker!
    I'm a new follower.

    1. Hi Pam! Thanks for stopping by! Oh, I'm just a newbie at the wreath making, but it sure is a lot of fun!!!


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