Friday, December 13, 2013

Yay! Thrifting Day!

The weather finally warmed up above freezing yesterday, it started raining and the snow started to disappear!  We were able to go to all our usual thrifts locally and in our neighboring town today, and we did pretty good on finding vintage Christmas goodies.  Here's a single picture of most of what we got, I got a little bit of miscellaneous crafting goodies too.

I shouldn't forget to mention, that before we left the house today, hubby made the comment that he was going to find another dancing Santa today, but a big one!  I didn't want to discourage him but I thought he was being a little too hopeful.  Well, I guess he knew what he was talking about, he found a 13" one!  He's a little rough, but his beard and trims are clean.  I'm going to paint his suit with a little diluted acrylic paint to freshen him up.

We were on our way out of one store, empty handed.  As we are nearing the door, I saw something I couldn't leave without getting.  I've been wanting one, I see a lot of them, but I wanted just the right one and this one was it.

A 24" Atlantic Mold ceramic light up tree!  It's big! (And in this picture you can see a miniature sleigh and reindeer on the bottle brush trees, I wanted to comment on that later).

I like the way the snow was applied.  It's nice and textured, very dramatic.  No colored light pegs came with it, but I found a small bag of some later at another thrift.  I think I'll put all red on it...I'll have to look for those.  Oh and this tree cost me $5.40!  I was very pleased.

Some of the little stuff includes a couple plastic Hong Kong elfish boys, a pair of Lefton Mr. & Mrs. Santa, a box of Jewelbrite angels, a pixie with go-go boots (tee-hee) and some other assorted glass ornaments, one is a cello! I also picked up the table cloth in the picture, I need something to brighten up the peninsula for the holidays! More pink Shiny Brites!!!  I know I have enough now for my 4" aluminum tree--for sure!I couldn't resist boxes of ornaments that included pretty indented ones. 

I found these two plastic clip on birds marked Japan.  I ran across the pink one and thought it was interesting, but didn't think it was vintage.  Then I ran across the blue one (and had my glasses on) and I saw Japan on the clip.  Then I had to have them both, so I spent 10 minutes going back through the junk pile to find the pink one.  Always discovering something new during the vintage Christmas hunt!

I can't believe my day is practically over!  Time to rest up!


  1. Well yeah, you need a good rest after a major thrift haul like that! Wow! You sure found good things! I haven't been to a thrift store in weeks. Waaah! :(
    I just don't have the money or room in my house right now for anything! But I miss "The Hunt" so bad! It's hard to cut back when it's what you do for fun! I love those blue and yellow ornaments. Haven't seen those!
    Great finds Evie! Erica :)

  2. What a fun day and fun stuff!! Lucky! Im your newest follower, found you from Erica ;) very fun blog!! Come over and check mine out too! Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow!! You really found some good treasures!! :) And all so pretty!! Love your Santa, he has such a sweet face and beard, can't wait to see him painted! :) Happy Saturday! xo Holly

  4. I'm happy to have found your blog via Golden Egg Vintage! You sound like me in finding those mystery grab bags at the thrift...I might find one or two cool vintage things and then donate back. Ha, I also like salvaging and cleaning the stuff. Also, in looking through your posts saw your Eva Zeisel find..very neat. She had such an interesting history, escaping the Nazis, imprisoned in Russia, then forefront designing in the US. I've bookmarked your blog! :)

    1. You sound like my twin (smile)! I bought a bucket full of stuff today, so hard to wait to dive into it. I wait until I have everything else I need to get done completed (supper etc.) and then slowly go through. So so fun!

      Yes, Eva Zeisel was a remarkable woman, I did read about her--so interesting. Her style appealed to me instantly!

  5. Ok seriously - WHERE in the WORLD do you find all this stuff. The vintage christmas thrifting gods must be on your side!

    1. Melissa, it's like panning for gold--a lot of time and patience!

  6. Love all your finds. You did good!



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