Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Day of Christmas Thrifting!

It was another hectic morning of getting my house in order before we left for the thrifts!  First I had to stop by my dear friend's house and drop off her kitty wreath and some Pyrex I found in the patterns I'm collecting for her.  Bless her heart, she puts up with my Pyrex addiction! I'm really excited about the vintage goodies I found--let's get started!

Hubby started collecting vintage Christmas music boxes made in Japan last year.  I found one for him today and it is so sweet!  A skating mouse.  We look for ones that have some moving parts, I'll have to post the collection on another day.
So cute isn't he/she!

One of the managers has remembered that I look for vintage ornaments, as I was checking out she asked if I ran into one of the baskets that was put out.  She looked and saw they still had it behind the counter and pulled this out for me!  Twelve beauties for $2.50 (it was 50% off Christmas decorations!)

It was so so sweet of her to have thought about me.  I was more happy about her kindness than the ornaments themselves.

Then there was this cute little flocked mouse that looks like he's in a slipper...

And a Lefton snowman plate...

I got the sleigh full of greenery picks, some with flocking that are really pretty.  It also has a few glass balls and a flocked snowman.  I'll disassemble it and use the pieces in crafting.  I also got this pick that has two tiny half inch gold pine cones on it--too cute!

And if all that wasn't enough (sigh), I got this 'mystery bucket'.

This for me was expensive and a real splurge.  I saw a cute ornament with a Mrs. Santa and a coal stove on it,  some bottle brush wreaths and a couple boxes new mini lights.  That with the container was 5 bucks at thrift prices if purchased separately so I decided to go for it.  Here's what I kept, I put at least half back for donation.
New mini lights and an unopened bag of vintage plastic garland made in Hong Kong.  I have some flocked candle lanterns new in package that I think I will put on this garland.

Lots of great vintage crafting goodies (cute little birdie), a silver plated Reed and Barton star tree topper, a few dimensional Christmas cards...I think this mystery bucket turned out pretty good!

Again, I'm pooped out.  Shopping does that to me and it isn't made any easier by the chaos and mess we had to look through at many of the thrift stores.  Tomorrow I am not going anywhere!  Well, we might hit the thrifts after supper if we are feeling antsy, the ones a few minutes from us, but I intend on working on finishing up decorating most of the day!  I was going to put my 4' aluminum tree up in my spare room, but that isn't going happen, because it looks like this!!!!

It has become the ornament warehouse.  The tree will go in the bedroom, it will be the first time we have ever had a tree in the bedroom, but at least we can see it everyday! Hubby knows it's going to be pink balls only and he's like 'bring it on!'  He's my bud!


  1. Ornament warehouse? Nothing wrong with that :->

  2. Great finds! I recently found two Made in Japan music boxes. One has Santa with some rabbits that pop in and out of a chimney next to him, the other has Santa in a circle of presents and he turns. I also scored seven boxes of small Shiny Brites in the box, the boxes are a variety of types. I was so excited as there were some purples and slate blues, colors I had never seen before, plus hot pink. Estate sales have been good lately!

    I did pass on some of those plastic lighted logs with candles in them, which I now regret after seeing them at a flea market for triple the price at the estate sale.

    Our thrifts are seriously cleaned out now. It's down to bare bones. I am waiting for the after-Christmas/end-of-year donation binges. I can't wait!

    1. Vintage Christmas is going to be a blast for you next year!!!

  3. I also forgot to say…I tried to get a 4' aluminum tree at an estate sale but they wanted $200. I about dies. Even if it made it to the half off period in late afternoon it was still out of my reach. It did have the lighted wheel thing (technical term) so I guess that adds value, but wow, I was amazed at the price.

    1. That would be a steep price in my book.

  4. How do you keep finding so much vintage Christmas goodness?!

    1. Perseverance Melissa and dogged determination!


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