Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Christmas Decorating and Vintage at Home

I took a few pictures today, thought I'd post some--I never get tired of vintage Christmas!  I think I've finally got my decorating done.  I don't think the stuffed critters that I usually cram in a basket with white mini lights is going to make it out this year.

I finally got around to putting up my putz which I have to put on my vintage rolling cart.  There is no where else to put it. I'll still fiddle around with it, but it's mainly up.  Here's a glimpse of the top shelf.

Yeah, the lamp is leaning. I've since straightened it up.  I could have faked it and made the software fix it, but I would have chopped off the cool mini Santa with sleigh and reindeer that are on the rooftop.  The A frame and ranch houses were made from free patterns on  Speaking of which, Pam there supplies an uploader for folks to add their vintage Christmas images here at  I've been keeping my browser open and perusing them throughout the day, I think there are 557 images as I speak, lots of cool vintage Christmas stuff!

I got a handful of old glass balls yesterday, here they are, they haven't made it off the kitchen counter.

And to end the day, I am sitting in front of my Evergleam tree, but not before I snapped this photo of my corgie napping in my chair.

Tomorrow morning a thrifting we will go!


  1. I would be only too happy to move into one of your little putz houses. They are adorable! What a beautiful shot of the tree, with the shadows on the wall-perfect.

    1. Thanks Maureen, you can move in to any one you want! I love sitting in our room with our tree in the evenings, just magical!

  2. Such a sweet and cute little village of putz houses!! Love the silhoute of your corgi, and beautiful tree!! :) xo Holly


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