Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dressing up the Kitsch Katcher - Another Work in Progress

Today was another day of hiding from the snow and ice.  I was thinking about making an ornament wreath, but first I wanted to re-organzie my mini glass Christmas balls.  Well, one thing led to another and the wreath never happened.  Instead, I tended to my 'kitsch katcher' that I built early last month.  I've been throwing stuff on it just to get it put somewhere and it was time to actually 'decorate' it!

I used two old doors and hinged them together.  Primed it with a few coats of white and then attached a variety of shelves I had on hand.  Some were cheapies from Ikea, little wooden boxes, a myrtle wood  planter from the thrifts and so on.  Here's what it looks like today.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look nearly as nice in the picture as in person.

I still want to decorate the bottle brush trees, that is a project within itself.  I took a bunch of pictures of the goodies up close.  I have a bunch more Christmas kitsch, but this can only hold so much.

I've fallen in love with Christmas planters.  Here are a couple I decorated.  I look for plastic greenery at the the thrifts like the one in the Santa planter.  I stuffed one of those flocked dancing Santa's and a vintage bottle brush tree in this reindeer's sled. (I need a candle for the holder).

I intend on decorating this large bottle brush tree in this Santa's harp planter.

Instead of putting the Holt Howard candle hugging Santa on a candle, I let him hug a tree instead.  A little star on top would be cute!

I got a set of 3 Shiney Brite stenciled ornaments that are much too big for my tree or wreath making.  I hung them on my kitsch katcher and attached old plastic corsages to the tops.  The first one is so cute, there are two flocked red reindeer in the corsage!


Here are a couple of the Nutcrackers we have.  The one on the right is a Steinbach which I purchased (a long time ago) at the factory outlet in Germany the first year hubby and I were married.  Recently hubby has been finding vintage Erzgebirge from the GDR.  I found this white vintage bottle brush tree new in the package!  I'm going to put mini glass balls on it.

Cute little Lefton Santas with a vintage bottle brush tree marked Japan. Hubby found this Lennox Rudolph porcelain box, it's not vintage, but so well executed and so cute we couldn't pass it up.  Santa express with an elf on one side and Santa on the other is a piggy bank.

 And more cute stuff....

I am absolutely worn out.  I fought to get these images loaded, loader was being difficult.  I'll be fiddling with my shelf for a while--I'm sure!  On to a good nights rest, we may be able to go thrifting (and grocery shopping) tomorrow!


  1. You have outdone yourself! :-) I think that Santa's harp planter with a cute angel on top of the tree is just so sweet!!

  2. I'm following you your blog...come by and visit me :) Blessings

  3. Heavenly!! What a gorgeous Christmas display. I love the Santa holding the bottle brush, what a great idea-I have a very similar set of Santa candle holders, not HH unfortunately.

    A question-do you happen to know of a good glue to use on ceramics? One of my little Santa's broke off his arm, and I tried using super glue but it will not stick. Any ideas would be appreciated!

    1. Maureen, I can only tell you what I use, I'm sure there are a number of products that would work. I use E6000, it's solvent based so don't breath it. It can be used on a number of different surfaces, so it's handy to have around. Write/email me if I can be of more help!

    2. Thanks Evie, I will try and find that!

  4. I love all your kitch. Adorable display! I hope you have a great weekend and perhaps a bit of thrifting this weekend too.


  5. What a fun corner!! Such an adorable display you have there! Loving your blog....come visit me sometime :) xo Holly


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