Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Let's See....What's Been Happenin'

It's been more of the continuing projects and healthy dose of hunting! We also celebrated another anniversary and hubby wanted me to celebrate it with a new bullet planter for the sitting room that I've been redecorating in mid century style.  Of course I didn't argue with him.

I was gifted a pair of beautiful sterling cuff links for French cuffs.  Though they were intended for menswear, they fit my blouses beautifully.

I've always got a list of projects and picking up this mid century shelf for my new decor is another one. I spent a whole $12.50 on it.  It's simple and the tops are laminated and show wear. I'll prime and paint it in a blonde tone and add a faux wood grain to coordinate with my new space.

When I saw the shelf assembled at the store is was three columns wide, but I decided to make two shelves as I  prefer the look and it fits in my space better.

Picked up this funky vintage lamp and little table that someone made into a stool.  Used the legs on another piece of furnite. I'm going to paint the lamp and rewire it.  I've got a vision.  Hope to purchase a vintage style fiberglass shade in the future. Also found this beautiful orange Krenit bowl.

I'm doing really well in being selective about what thrifted vintage items I bring home.  Pyrex must be a piece I really want for my scaled down collection, something for one of my traders or something I'm certain I can trade.  Pink daisy and friendship met that criteria. I pick up Melmac/melamine dishes for a trader and myself. Was thrilled to find another reindeer Dream Pet like the one that I keep from a healthy collection I had but decided to sell.  This particular guy just gets to me!

Hubby has more time right now and he loves to hunt.  Hawaiiana is one of the things he collects.  There are particular things and brands he looks for and he's been lucky lately.

Pyrex Butterprint 442 bowls in white is one many people I know are missing so I picked it up to trade.  Had to get the yellow/green ashtray for my new room just for its pretty color and periodness LOL

Some things I thrifted couldn't resist and will enjoy. I've since picked up some plastic grape leaves and tendrils for my are perfect for the family room decor. I've been wanting some for years but never found a color I really liked. Hubby got a nice rhinestone cufflink set that he will wear to work.  Pink Melmac bowls we will use--they are light weight and can take a lot of abuse.  The glass are simply fabulous!

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  1. That bullet planter! Those pink starburst glasses! ::swoon:: ;) Great finds, thanks for sharing!


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