Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thrifty Find, Nifty Trade, Cantaloupe and Crafts!

I decided to post some pictures before I forget them  I'm so busy as usual but didn't want these to get buried. Another one of my many pictures/few words posts. haha!

My delightful thrift store score--Hazel Atlas pink Crinoline dishes.  And an adorable Rueben's nursery planter.

I traded some Pyrex away for these two gorgeous VEFA bowls.  They stack beautifully with my Hanova bowls.

Hot day and chilled cantaloupe in a Syracuse China cup.

Some of my most recent Pyrex ornaments I made from broken glass people sent to me .

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  1. Those VEFA and Hanova bowls look like they were made for each other!


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