Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Work and Fun...

I'm busy as always but don't want to miss posting pictures of what I've been up to.  Few words today!

I continue making exchange pieces and I love doing it.  There's something so rewarding when I receive a message that says "OMG I love it!"  It always make me smile. Here are some of my latest exchange pieces.

Ornament I made from a broken turquoise mixing bowl.

JAJ Red Gooseberry necklace pendant.

Federal Glass kitchen aids mixing bowl shard....

This gingham glass is from a cup--I think it may be Fire King.

Pyrex yellow gooseberry earrings.

Pyrex Golden Grapes casserole.

Special pieces like this are so fun.  Fortunately the breaks in the glass still allowed for little Miss Strawberry Shortcake to make her appearance.

I don't think I posted this find from a little while back.  Thrift store finds...Glasbake chicken bowls.

One of my trading buddies found this McKee Chalaine bowl for me, I'm in heaven!

I have to hold back from picking up too much kitsch, but this little poodle on a chair I could not leave. haha!

Found a vintage lava light globe for hubby, he was so excited!

Lefton pink poodle planter? Really?  That kitsch came home with me!

I'm sure I could have posted more but that's all for today!  I'm trying to not get too behind in my  pictures.  I'm trying to get back on somewhat of a regular schedule again.


  1. I'm in love with the chicken bowls. I'd want to make little chicken pot pies with them.

    1. Oh my! That's a wonderful idea! :0)


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