Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Finds and Some Pretty Little Things

Some pictures of some pretty vintage things. I wanted to capture some images and post before I get too busy again.

This beautiful Fenton piece was found at a thrift store. It's not something I seek out or collect, but it's beauty grabbed me and I took it home.

Sweet little egg cups by Arcopal in the Scania pattern. 

I am a huge Bitossi fan. I always hope to find it at the thrift stores and it happens quite infrequently.  I happened to run into this ashtray and thrilled about it.

These are tiny butter pat dishes I found at the thrift.  I have a weakness for pretty dishes.  I have plenty of dishes so I justified buying these--tea bag holders!  Produced in Germany, Easterling Bavarian china dates 1950s.

Vintage Hawaii mug that hubby picked up.

I'm the proud owner of this beautiful McKee chalaine bowl that I received in a trade.  I took it in the garden recently to get a nice picture of her. This blue is incredible!!!

Single Hazel Atlas Ovide cup I picked up for a friend.


  1. I don't collect Fenton either but even I wouldn't have been able to resist those pretty flowers!

    Hope you're enjoying your summer, Evie!

    1. Yes Erica! It got me! haha! We aren't roasting this year--how nice! No? :)


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