Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer the End of Spring Cleaning

I've been taking it easy--well as easy I can being me. My hands suffered incredibly from these weeks of cleaning out, cleaning, moving heavy things like 1000+ books...more than once and the list goes on. I've been minding my poor little hands trying to give them a break this week. Putting off installing my curtain rods until the last minute. I went through every room in my house and lastly the garage. While I was at it, I revamped my bench space adding more storage area and decorating a little to make it more homey! I like for my garage to be just another room in the house.

Yesterday I gave this sad fireplace screen a paint job. Like they say, you get what you pay for and being girl on a tight budget I have to make due. Part of my front room makeover includes my fireplace. We don't use it, perhaps one day I'll get one of those cool Optimyst inserts!!! Anyway, I liked the mid century feel of this screen--some spray paint really perked it up.

Can't believe I pretty much spent the month of June cleaning through my house, I didn't get out  a lot as I was trying to accomplish so much.  Looking through my pictures I do see I made some things...

A gift... Pyrex Verde earrings.

A custom ornament...

An exchange....yes, sadly someone lost their Pyrex Rooster spacesaver 

Another custom ornament....

Found some bargains thrifting...

I pick up Melmac for a friend, got these Pyrex/Corelle knock off Termo Rey plates for myself.  Something we can use in the microwave instead of our pottery dishes.  We don't use the microwave often, but these come in handy.

It's rare I find pink Pyrex that's not destroyed at the thrifts..but I did!

I squeezed in a couple trades...couldn't resist people contacting me and offering me Cathrineholm for my Pyrex.  This lovely 9.5" bowl is the first for me in the small leaf pattern, it's beautiful and in such excellent condition. And the teapot is so cute--nice size.

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